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Natural England - We are still in drought

Natural England - Drought

The drought of 2011 has continued into 2012 after the winter months failed to provide sufficient rain to recharge ground waters adequately. Parts of the south and east of England have been officially in drought since June 2011....
We will issue regular updates on the impact of drought on protected areas, access, habitats and wildlife.

After setting out their stall that drought was the new normal because of Climate Change they seem unable to acknowledge the weather...


I believe they suffer from the same disability Admiral Tovey accused his Met Officer of during the pursuit of the Bismark. The Met Officer, in the midst of a full gale, handed him a weather report stating the weather was "moderate." Tovey exploded and declared, "The trouble with you Met types is you refuse to look out of the scuttle!"

Perhaps "Natural England" has failed to go outside or to look out of the window recently?

"officially" in drought.

Translation: "everyone else can see the flooded fields, the houses washed away, the rivers overflowing, the crops ruined, etc etc but we like to pretend there's a drought because it suits our political purposes."

Who are you going to believe, Natural England or your own lying eyes?

The word "driought" can be defined in so many ways that it is virtually meaningless. Indeed, the definition is usually whatever the target audience wants to hear!

There is a paper in "Weather" in 2007 which talks about major droughts in England and Wales. Whatever definition is used, there does not seem to have been much change from 1880 to 2006.

If anyone wants to follow up on this a good place* to start is:


(and click on pdf version if you prefer that)

*ceh stands for Centre for Ecology and Hydrology funded by the taxpayer through NERC. CEH runs the National Hydrological Monitoring Programme.

"The word "driought" can be defined in so many ways ..."

Their is onoly won weigh to spel itt, thow: DROUGHT - Doh!

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