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Please Lie To Me Plead Pathetic Scots

Train bosses blasted over body on line delay message - Transport - Scotsman.com

SCOTRAIL has sparked a flurry of protests after explaining to passengers that a body on the line was the reason for hold-ups to services on an Edinburgh main line.

The national rail operator has been criticised after sending out a message on Twitter about delays on lines servicing Edinburgh Park.

In a short statement sent to more than 25,000 followers on the social media forum, the company said: “Owing to a person hit by a train at Edinburgh Park the line is blocked.”

Commuters and followers unhappy with the blunt announcement immediately took to Twitter to vent their feelings.......Mental health campaigners have seized on the social media faux pas......

Grow up FFS. People jump in front of trains and die. Horrible, tragic. etc but it happens. When you are waiting on a cold platform in the rain you have a right to be told why the train is late. Or do you prefer to be lied to by the authorities in case it offends you ickle-little bunny ears.


A similar event happened on the Southampton - Waterloo service a couple of years back. The effect was the exact opposite - all extremely inconvenienced passengers who had been waiting for the next service, when told of the circumstances (and that there would be no more trains that night), expressed horror and sympathy for the driver and the deceased's family, gritted their teeth, and made alternative travel arrangements.

Usually everything now on the railways, roads etc is just an "incident". It is far better to treat people as adults and just tell the truth.

I am convinced that an atomic bomb exploded in central London would be announced as traffic congestion in central London because of an "incident".

@MB: The disruption following the 7/7 bombings was initially described by TfL as being caused by a power failure.

Funny, while blunt, the message is not disrespectful of anything. It states a fact, and presumably the follow on message said: "you are on your own to get home, as near as makes no difference" in some diplomatic fashion.

Can't see why it should take more than an hour or 2 to clean up though, unless foul play is suspected? I mean you need to take the poor driver off to have a stiff drink and ride home, take some photo's and witness statements, remove the remaining bits from the undercarriage & wash the area down for sanitary reasons.

I have only been in such a situation once, and the company arranged buses to the next open station.

Not sure of the incident here, but in the one I know of the (subway) train was impounded and tracks closed until forensic experts finished gathering evidence even though it was assumed from the outset to have been an accident. Took a bit over twelve hours...

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