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Why acid clouds mean psychedelic highs and mercury lows | The Times
Paul Simons
After the sun set on Sunday evening, a dazzling display of rare psychedelic clouds lit up the twilight sky over northern Scotland. These were mother-of-pearl, or nacreous clouds, and shimmered with an electric glow in the dark.
This type of cloud is extraordinary because it lies in the stratosphere, some 16km (10miles) or higher — far above ordinary clouds — where they catch the last rays of light after the Sun has sunk below the horizon. The clouds are also unusual because they are made up of tiny crystals of acid, instead of water, and these behave like prisms, bending the sunlight into a fantastic light show that slowly changes colour....
As for the mother-of-pearl clouds, they carry another sting in their tail apart from the cold weather. Their crystals of acid also eat into the Earth’s ozone layer in the stratosphere, producing an ozone hole that allows dangerous levels of ultraviolet light to reach the Earth’s surface.

We are all going to die from the cold, can't something be done?


Someone in the Daily Telegraph (probably Geoffrey Lean) was blaming global warming for the fact that these clouds appeared at all, followed by some half-understood stuff about ozone.

They're getting their scares mixed up - ozone is so 1990's; it was about the last scare but two, you'd think they would be a bit more careful, wouldn't you.

btw in case you were wondering, the ozone hole just disappeared by itself - or maybe it comes and goes all the time anyway; I don't think Captain Scott made too many observations of it actually, so nobody really knows.

Least of all the warmists.

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