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Climate News Network - Accuracy Fail

Climate News Network has kindly sent me tomorrows story, embargoed so I won't spoil the surprise. It is written by Tim Radford, veteran science writer for the Guardian so it it isn't by some rookie intern.
But I started to fact check it anyway, it quotes a "Keywan Reihi", who doesn't seem to exist. There is a Keywan Riahi who fits the bill and says the same stuff.

What's the odd misspelling to an old Grauniad hack? I'm sure the rest of it is all accurate, but I can't check that, all I can check is if he gets the name of his source right. May be I need to shell out to find out how it should be done....

Tim Radford's secrets of science writing - guardian.co.uk

The veteran journalist and writer Tim Radford recently gave a masterclass on science writing. The event was sold-out, but you can now stream (£3) or download (£5) the edited highlights (running time 37 minutes)

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