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The State vs The Castle Doctrine

Powers to enter home to check on pot plants and fridges still in place despite pledge to cut snooping - Telegraph

...still in force is a power under the Plant Health Order 2005 to check if pot plant contain pests.
Under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003, officials can still survey a home and garden to see if hedges are too high while a power under energy legislation allows for entry to check the efficiency ratings of a refrigerator.....

civil liberty campaigners last night said since the Coalition took office the number of powers of entry has gone up.
The Protection of Freedoms Act was passed last year to roll back state intrusion and include a power to repeal powers of entry.
Government departments were ordered to review all their relevant powers and identify which ones were no longer necessary.

Do you think they might be asking the wrong people to do the reviews?


How about giving them a fixed time (?1 month) to justify all such powers with the threat that the powers would automatically be blocked if no satisfactory case was made?
The cases to be made public to get comments from their masters/employers (us!), assessed by a committee which included libertarian groups and with the final case & results to be published.

Should be extremely easy because obviously (?) the initial case would have been made, justified and recorded.

The second one doesn't give the right to enter a home, only survey the hedges, and I think that's not unreasonable. But that's all they must do. The first sounds ridiculous; how on earth do they justify it?

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