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The Brazilian Model of Climate Change

Brazil’s stunted generation | Climate News Network

SAO PAULO, 4 February – The prediction by scientists that humans would respond to climate change by becoming hobbit-sized in order to survive has already happened in Brazil....This is exactly what scientists had predicted. They were looking at the fossil record of the last time the world had warmed by 6°C, 55 million years ago. In a warmer world, the 30 scientists concluded, plants became less nutritious and mammals, insects and even earthworms had to eat more to survive. In response they became smaller and reproduced earlier.

The Climate News Network reported exclusively on the work of the Bighorn Basin Coring Project, involving scientists from the US, UK, Germany, and the Netherlands, on 7 January. Dr Phillip Jardine, from the Department of Geography at Birmingham University, said that dwarfism was expected to be a successful survival strategy.

In the 1980s Brazil’s Northeast, the poorest, most backward region of the country, much of it semi-arid, was hit by a prolonged drought that left millions of families starving (which) produced a generation of children who became pigmy-sized adults after being brought up on a diet of rats, snakes and cacti. Adults grew to only 1.35 metres (4ft 6ins).

Since 2002 the introduction of government welfare programmes and increases in the minimum wage have raised millions above the poverty line. IBGE research now shows there are more obese than undernourished people in the region.

These programmes mean that although once again the Northeast is in the grip of a devastating drought, people do not starve. Television coverage shows dried-up riverbeds, withered crops and the carcases of animals that have died of starvation. Water tankers crisscross the dry countryside supplying villages, but people are no longer forced to eat rats and snakes to survive.

So poor starving people have height problems but with increased wealth in society and transport links the problem goes away means that we should stop trying to become wealthier and go back to peasant lifestyles and "eat local".

Trying to argue with cretins like these is a waste of time so let us look at the evidence of malnourished Brazilian Dwarves....



So where did the carbon emissions come from 55 million years ago? And if this 6 degree warming happened then without human assistance, perhaps the warming we witnessed up to fifteen years ago was similarly not caused by man.

Right, so bad nutrition because of starvation causes people to be short and stupid.

Got it, been known for centuries.

(See North Korea)

Now that no modern industrial & relatively capitalist country has had this problem in hundreds of years except when war massively disrupted things - and even then, for relatively brief periods - it's time to give agrarian socialism another chance.

Oh, wait. We KNOW how that turns out.

(Better than you'd think, they starve them to DEATH, hence no short stupid people in the next generation. Voila! The power of socialism! Problem solved. )

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