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Climate Investigative Journalism

BBC exaggerated climate change in David Attenborough's Africa | Leo Hickman | Environment | guardian.co.uk

David Attenborough claims in BBC One's Africa series that part of the continent has warmed by 3.5C over the past 20 years....

An interesting tale of obscure out of date NGO claims being used and not standing up to scrutiny. And it is Leo Hickman in The Guardian who did the investigation. The comments are interesting...

(The facts) do need embellishing. Haven't you noticed that most people still don't care about GW? you'd think that with the current data, the vanishing ice and all the other going-ons people would have got the message by now but this isn't the case.


They lie and lie and lie, and then are shocked that we don't trust them.

The bbc exaggerating climate change alarmism?

Say it ain't so!

Please don't challenge Sir David - he is a national icon and a treasure !

Africa has, of course, been warming for the last many thousand years.

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