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Sweet Bansturbator

The fructose timebomb: it’s sweet drinks that are making our children fat | The Times

Dr Robert Lustig, scourge of the sugar industry, is over from America to attend a symposium on junk food and mental health. ...... Lustig is not an easy man to dismiss ... “He’s a scientist. He’s entirely evidence-based and he’s scary — but we need to be scared,” Charlie Powell, campaign director for Sustain, says....
he set out his argument in Fat Chance: The bitter truth about Sugar. Now, he has a taste for campaigning. Lustig is taking a master’s at law school to learn how the courts brought down the tobacco industry. “It’s going to happen to sugar too,” he says. “And I want to use my science to be part of it.”
According to Dr Lustig, the Darth Vader in our daily diet is fructose — the molecule that makes all things sweet, whether that’s white sugar or brown, honey, maple syrup or agave nectar. ....
And what about diet drinks — with artificial sweeteners and no fructose at all? (This is the week designer Marc Jacobs launches his limited edition Diet Coke cans to celebrate 30 years of the drink that fuels the fashion world.) Here, Lustig declares himself an “agnostic”. “We don’t have the data,” he says. “Until we understand how sweeteners impact our energy consumption and our propensity for chronic diseases, how can I recommend it?” He does point out that the large-scale switch to diet sodas has not impacted obesity rates. “This is a theoretical construct, but it’s possible that when you put something sweet on your tongue, your body gets ready to metabolise it, your pancreas gets ready to release insulin — and the sugar never comes. What do you do? Go and find something sweet to eat?”
Other than abstaining from juice or fizzy drinks, Lustig advises everyone to exercise and eat more fibre (palaeobiologists believe cave-dwelling Man ate about 100g of fibre a day. Our median consumption is 12g). “I’m not the food Nazi,” he says. “If you make sugar safe and rare, once a week, as a treat, your liver can keep up. ...

Did you spot it? Diet drinks with no sugar are as bad for obesity as sugary drinks, therefore it is the sugar that is bad for us....


If fructose is so bad why do the food freaks insist on us eating FRUIT which contains loads of fructose? How very puzzling.

If fructose is so bad why do the food freaks insist on us eating FRUIT which contains loads of fructose? How very puzzling.

While I despise the guy, to be fair, he is hypothesising that drinking a sweet, non-sugary drink creates an expectation of sugar by the body which it satisfies by some other sugary source, e.g. cream bun or Snickers. He's probably talking utter bollocks but that's his theory.

Aspartame is a poison - avoid it like the plague. It becomes wood alcohol at a certain temperature, which happens to be human body temp. Sugar is much safer. Google Dr Mercola, check out his info on Aspartame.

Alan Douglas

Aspartame is not a poison and Dr Mercola is, in my opinion, a quack who makes a very nice living out of the gullible and ignorant.


That reminds me - time for my Ribena and Vimto.

That reminds me - time for my Ribena and Vimto.

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