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Met Office - Crap Forecasts Not "Wrong"

BBC News - Met Office three-month forecast was 'not helpful'

The Met Office has admitted issuing advice to government that was "not helpful" during last year's remarkable switch in weather patterns.

Between March and April 2012, the UK experienced an extraordinary shift from high pressure and drought to low pressure and downpours.

But the Met Office said the forecast for average rainfall "slightly" favoured drier than average conditions.

...the Met Office chief scientist Julia Slingo.....says last year's calculations were not actually wrong because they were probabilistic.


It would be nice to know that the length of tenure of Ms Slingo at the Met Office was as probabilistic?

If I say that everything produced by the Met Office is junk, but that that is a probabilistic statement, and therefore makes it right.

Think they're renaming it the Michael Fish Memorial Weather Bureau, aren't they?

Weasel words.

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