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Why We Need GM Crops - Guardian

European capacity to grow food is plateauing, scientist warns | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Guardian opinion piece dressed up as gloom and doom is actually a reasoned plea to let the GM wizards work on wheat.

The comments are a joy as ever....

...population needs to be reduced massively on a global scale....Reproduction could be traded like the carbon tax....And yet we still don't talk about managing population growth and migration...It would be an even better idea to stop uncontrolled breeding. This will have to be addressed eventually. Better to do it sooner with acceptable measures such as a limit on 2 children per family, than later with mass culls....

More a stench than a mere whiff of fascism from our greenie friends.


True, but having perused the comments, as I didn't bother reading the nonsense article, I did notice quite a few mentioned Monsanto, rural fields being wasted with grass planting and of course the European (indigenous) population being heavily in decline. There is no doubt that those in Asian & African lands, their populations are growing thanks to the west sending food to lands whose own food production can't sustain the population (cue Bob Geldoff and the disastrous Live Aid that set Ethiopia up for an even bigger famine). Common sense decrees that population growth should be natural on a par with area food production. Naturally by flooding the west with migrants from already growing racial populations, is suicide to the Europeans. The world white population is around 8% and falling. The black & Asian continues to rise in and outwith the west. Do the maths?

What is it about socialists that they just cannot keep away from eugenics?

After all, you can bet it's not THEIR grandchildren who are in line for the cull...

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