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Pond Scum Has Rights too

IRA leaders' right to life was breached by UK, European court finds | UK news | guardian.co.uk

There are some "rights" I value less than others.....

Martin McCaughey and Desmond Drew, prominent IRA members, were shot dead by the SAS in a mushroom-growing shed near Loughgall, County Armagh, in October 1990.
The building had been under surveillance by RUC officers because it was a suspected arms dump. The IRA men had been carrying AK-47 rifles but had not opened fire...
The McCaughey and Grew families will receive €14,000 and €11,000 respectively in compensation..

I moving anything breakable out of reach carefully before I reread that.


Bashers of bogusmongers really should read the words carefully. Swindlers rely on us not paying attention.

The compensation is not for the killings - those claims we're rejected - as the article clearly states.
The compensation is for the unreasonable delay of an investigation.

The EHCR regularly finds against HM govt because of issues relating to basic competence - if the govt had looked into the killings at the time (or indeed at any time during the last 23 years) then no compensation would have been given.

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