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Ten Years of An Englishman's Castle

An Englishman's Castle: July 2003 Archives

Those were the days eh? Many many happy memories of ten years of blogging, there was a time when this was decent player in the blogosphere. Various reasons why I have trailed off, some boredom at the same old stupidities being repeated, some work related, so personal.
I'm also doing citizen science in a completely different area now, where the experts respect and welcome dissent and other viewpoints. And I have made some important discoveries, all very exciting.

All the best, keep dropping in, there may be more.



Keep up the good work.

Sounds interesting. Can you tell us more?

Congrats, grand job and all that. Thick and thin.

Thanks for everything. Please keep the blog available, even if you no longer write.

Your site - and that of Mr FMFT - used to form my staple diet.

I miss you, Mr FMFT, a conservative Telegraph - and if you would reach back further still, a conservative Daily Telegraph under Conrad Black. but where can we go now? The media is still full of lies and ommissions. The Daily Mail gets worse each day? Where should I get my news? Mr Drudge is still going, as is Mr Theospark...but it is slim pickings and the world is still getting worse...

Congratulations and thanks.

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