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June 30, 2004


Bastard spammers are putting comments all over the blog so I am having to tighten the commenting procedure up - sorry.

Either comment and I will review and then publ;ish or go to TypeKey
and get a registration which means you can comment on mine and other blogs - sorry about this.

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June 29, 2004

Abortion debate

Your humble correspondent is a shy retiring soul and certainly not brave enough to start an abortion debate. In the UK we don't have one, apart from a few nutty Catholics none raises their head over the parapet to suggest that a "woman's right to choose right up to viability" isn't sacrosanct. So when yesterday the BBC published some beautiful photos of young fetuses doing baby like things (just go and see them) I wondered if it would start a debate up.
I noticed the Daily Mail has taken it up and so has the midday talk show on Radio 2. I dipped into the Radio link to get the photo link above and came across the BBC - Radio 2 - Message Boards
And you couldn't make it up - the discussion straight away is diverted into how evil the Yanks and non-Greens are rather than any querying of the actual practice of abortion;

"Which is where the Americans come in with their foreign policy of "retroactive birth control" to reduce the population and make sure there are plenty of resources available for themselves"

..The US is one of the biggest consumors of natural resources in the world, and we're not far behind. We and they also have some of the lowest birth rates. Compare numerous third-world countries where the average person consumes less than 1 % of the energy used by you or I in a lifetime. ...

Well there would be fewer consumers, for a start. We need to get a grip on wasteful packaging and recycling - nobody in government seems to care or be making any push to get us to think about the impact we're having.

The only bit I heard on the radio was a suggestion that the publication of these photos was unhelpful and hurtful to all the women who had had abortions, and that it was only men who didn't get left holding the baby who were against a woman's "right" to choose...

What is about these people who care more about Iraqi prisoners than they do about a holocaust of unborn babies in the UK -

"In 1968 there was a total of 23,641 abortions performed in England and Wales. By 1978 this had increased to 141,558 and in 1988 to 183,798. A peak of 187,402 abortions was reached in 1998. In 2000, the most recent year for available figures, the number of abortions was 185,375. Over 5 million abortions have been performed in England and Wales in the thirty or so years since the 1967 Abortion Act was passed."

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June 28, 2004

German Jokes part three

This blog is proud of its world renown repository of German Jokes so thanks to Freedom and Whisky for pointing to me to a few more Teutonic Rib-ticklers -
Scotland on Sunday - Top Stories - 'Cheap' Scots tell German jokers, nein danke!

THE Germans have a great sense of humour; the problem is they reserve it for the Scots, as these examples show.

Scots traditionally marry on February 29, goes the joke, so that they only need to celebrate their anniversary once every four years.

How can you tell that the trawler coming to the harbour is from Scotland? There are no seagulls in its wake.

"I've received some photos from my Scottish pen pal?" "What do they look like?" "Don't know. Have to get them developed first."

Two Scots fall down a crevasse while in the mountains. The mountain watch is alerted, and the rescue team appears. "Hello, we're from the Red Cross," one rescuer says. The reply comes from below, "You're getting no donations from us."

Hey anyone that laughs at the Scots can't be all bad...

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Friday Night

The long walk home...Die Wagenschenke

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Washed Up Politico

According to the EU Referendum blog:

"Christopher Patten has thrown in the towel, telling the BBC last night that his political career was "effectively over" after he failed in his bid to become commission president. This is who man who, having failed to get re-elected in the 1992 general election, went on to give away Hong Kong to the Chinese and then destroyed the Royal Ulster Constabulary...he can draw down his 60,000 a year commission pension, plus all the other bunce he's managed to pick up on the way. Hard life being a failure, innit?

I don't think Chris Petain's political career will be properly over until he is hanging from his heels outside a petrol station..

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June 27, 2004

Spot the difference.

Nazi Slogans

"Your body belongs to the nation!" "You have the duty to be healthy!" "Food is not a private matter!"


"Sport can help to improve education and pave the way for integration. Accordingly, it can and must be made an integral part of the process of building up European citizenship."

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June 25, 2004

I think this refers to the football


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One of The Geese

Not sure if this one is Crosspatch or Yock Yock


Image taken on 25/6/2004 10:09

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June 24, 2004


From Gun Culture

This helpful criminal believes shopkeepers should be allowed to defend themselves so much, that he gives the shopkeeper his gun!

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12 Good Men and True

BBC NEWS | England | Berkshire | Man acquitted of harpoon attack


A man accused of firing a harpoon into a teenager's face has been cleared of all charges against him after a jury accepted he acted in self-defence

The court was told how Mr Kirk opened the door of the flat to Hawkins, his half-brother Barry Lovegrove and his sister's boyfriend, Derek Watkins.

The trio punched and kicked him and stabbed him close to the heart.
He retreated inside and brought out the harpoon to frighten the gang.
The jury at Reading Crown Court decided that the gun had been fired by Mr Kirk accidentally during the fight.

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You couldn't make it up.

Pasted from The Cabarfeidh Pages (Highland Warriors)

The political wing of the IRA has issued a warning to the public about the danger of transporting explosives. Republican Sinn Fein are worried about the dangers of transporting explosives in Kerry and surrounding counties for construction purposes.

"There is a danger associated with moving explosives through a city and indeed through towns and villages," said Sean O'Neill, community affairs spokesman for the party.

I'd listen. The man knows whereof he speaks.

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June 23, 2004

What have I done?

A wet afternoon at home so I took the elder Englishette down to Porton Down to look at the fish and birds at the excellent PetShop there - I'm not quite sure why but I came back with a couple of Greylag goose goslings. They are installed in the pond area, but they can get out through the pig netting by squeezing really hard, so they have spent the last couple of hours doing so, and meeting up with the Jack Russels who fancy a tasty morsel. Chaos reigns. Tomorrow I hope they start to learn some manners or they might not make it through the day.

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As a geek I have been using Gmail for a little while now, and am very impressed with it. Getting an invite to get an account is hard - in the early days they were selling for lots of money - I have a couple of invites I can give out, so if any reader wants one and can give a reason why they should have it, ask away!

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The Cost of the EU

From Civitas via the EUreferendum Blog -Background Briefing: EU Costs and Benefits

If the UK were to leave the EU, there would be no net loss of jobs or trade. In addition, we would be nearly 20 billion per year better off, and possibly much more. These are the preliminary findings of a study, shortly to be published by Civitas.

Drawing largely on official sources and deploying the most cautious of assumptions, the net costs of EU membership are appraised in five areas: EU regulation, the common agricultural policy, net payments to EU institutions, the single market, and inward investment. Where independent sources suggest different figures, a range of costs is given.

Need I say more?

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Crop Circles

Driving back from a pub last night I spotted my first corn circle of the year. See the Circlemakers site for details of "This impressive six-fold formation is a close cousin to the monster 700ft formation that appeared at Stone Henge back in 2002. Located near the famed Barge Inn at Honey Street and discovered on the 16th June in wheat." (The Barge Inn is less than two miles from the Castle) and then I discover that Mr. Free Market has been going to The Barge Inn recently, hum.

UPDATE MR FM claims it wasn't him that went to The Barge Inn, but I think MRDA (Mandy Rice-Davis Applies) "He would say that wouldn't he"...

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CIX - why I still belong

About ten years ago I joined a strange cult like online community - CIX Online. And then the www happened etc, and sometimes I wonder why I still pay the monthly fee:
The reason, exchanges like these re football: (foul language alert)

See now, if I was Blind Lemon Blunkett, I'd /insist/ on anyone who wanted
being able to travel to an England match abroad. Then, I'd tell them all
to fuck off when they tried to get back in. Then I'd authorise their
families, their families parents and the friends of their families parents
to be hunted down and shot like the dogs they are, and their property
sequestered. Only in this was, I feel, are we likely to effectively deal
withe the menace of having to co-exist with the likes of stclub.
The other thing I object to
is the football-tart. Now see, I'm no sexist, and the little ladies have
every right to show an interest from the ironing board, particularly when
someone 'kicks a goal'. However, I go rabid and start making monkey
noises that would shame a Croation Nazi when I see some Blondie in a
fucking football shirt, swigging ale, either on the terrace or in front of
a pub screen. Why ? Because it's all part and parcel of the crass
marketing of the game as a lifestyle item that is embodied in the pathetic
sight of a fucking clothes-horse parading with the England captains
armband on.

Actually, attempting to buy one larger than size large ought to be made a
hanging offence.

Anyone with more than athletic proportions in a football shirt is probably
a bigger style offence than that pratt Llewellyn-Bowen. Probably> No,

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June 22, 2004

Ilunga - my word of the day, week, year.

From Times Online - Newspaper Edition
THE Times has translated for you the most untranslatable word in the world.
The word is ilunga, from the Bantu language of Tshiluba, and means a person ready to forgive any abuse for the first time, to tolerate it a second time, but never a third time.

Whilst I pretend to be a hard old cynic I'm actually a cuddly old wishy washy Taurean and so Ilunga is the ideal word to discribe me. Yesterday an Estate Agent pissed me off for the third time, first time I tried to understand his point of view, second time I queried it, this time he got a classic snottogram - I'm awaiting his response.
Tony Blair on the EU - he is way past the third time.
The Bear at Hungerford.
Timeshare salespeople - all telesales people.
Compaq computers
The list goes on...

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June 21, 2004

Ping Pong

The Memsahib has claimed the television for the next two weeks as Wimbledon
is on. I will be rearranging the wine cellar (Some of the bottles seem to need help with breathing - mouth to mouth resuscitation may be needed)rather than watching spoilt kids wearing their hats backwards - no standards at all.


It is the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club but never a shot of the Croquet, now that is a game of skill and elegance combined with ruthlessness and revenge. Much more my cup of tea. For Hints of how to play and cheat at croquet see: Croquet World Online Magazine | Letters & Opinion

A sample:

The croquet player has one single object to keep in view - namely, to win the game; and in the following "Hints" we shall endeavour to give him the means. He is not to blame us if some of these appear unworthy ones. The same might be said of rifle practice, as compared with bravely tilting at an enemy with spear and shield upon an open field of battle. We are not living in the middle ages, and if it is now allowable in war to skulk and shirk about behind trees and walls and stones, and bring down a noble fellow with a murderous rifle shot, the unhandsome practices that we have recommended are not to be condemned upon the croquet lawn. The illusions of romance have been dissipated forever. There are no Quixotes no roaming about the world to protect distressed ladies, and with impunity we may overbear their gentle remonstrances, and take any advantage of them that we can, and we not acting up to the principles of this game if we do not do so.

In short, we counsel you, in accordance with the true character of croquet as a game of chicane, not to enter upon it as you might upon a game of billiards, cricket, or tennis, for a fair and friendly and gentlemanly contest of skill, but to regard it as one in which you are justified in shaping, in taking every mean advantage of your competitors.

There are those who think that if all unfair practices were discountenanced it would add very much to the enjoyment of a country life. We leave these honest people to their opinions. For ourselves, we are no moralists - we are no Castiglioni. We take the game as we find it, and, admitting a principle, we carry it out to its logical conclusion.

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I say old bean..

Thanks to Doctor Curmudgeon & Co. for pointing to me, and commenting on, The Chronicle: American Idioms Have Gone Missing about how Briticisms are invading the USA..

Something todo with "the eternal appeal of sounding classy without seeming pretentious" I believe.

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Concrete them over - part two

Some time I was getting into arguments that my belief was that the best thing we could do with the rail system in the UK was to turn them into expressways for coaches etc. Unfortunately I didn't have the facts to hand ( which doesn't always stop me) Thanks to the excellent IEA dead tree journal and an article in it I now have the facts.

From Transwatch UK - Road/rail comparisons across the uk

Very much against public and political sentiment roads managed to avoid congestion would offer 3 to 4 times the capacity to move freight and people at one quarter the cost of rail while using 30% to 40% less energy and reducing casualty costs suffered by rail passengers by a factor of 2.
The problem with the proposition is that (a) it is so very much against expectation (b) the numbers are so overwhelming as to inspire disbelief rather than belief (c) few people have ever seen a motor road managed to avoid congestion - the UK road network is (with the exception of motorways and some modern single carriageways) a collection of access roads never designed for motor traffic (d) rail is so romantic.

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June 20, 2004

I live near...

Schoolbot humour based on the odd names some places in England have - just type in your postcode to find Amusing places close to you

My Results:

Cuckoo's Knob 7.3 miles

Sodom 12.3 miles

Box Tunnel 15.5 miles

Zig-Zag Hill 28.7 miles

Sandy Balls 30.7 miles

Butt Hatch 31.1 miles

Lusty Hill 31.1 miles

Handcock's Bottom 33.3 miles

Snatch House 34.0 miles

Golden Balls 37.0 miles

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Le Cafe Anglais

Nice to see the Ancient English enjoyed the odd elephant for a Sunday afternoon BBQ BBC NEWS | England | Kent | Stone Age elephant remains found

I'm not sure that they cooked it, which according to my Larousse Gastronomique would be a mistake - it recommends that as the meat is tough but tasty it should be cooked for 15 hours or hung for a long time in the open air (how you hang an elephant is not explained, I would have thought it should be drawn first and trunk down). The feet and trunk are of the greatest culinary interest: their flesh which is muscular and gelatinous resembles ox tongue.

During the Prussian siege of Paris in 1870. The people grew so hungry that they ate the animals from the Jardin des Plantes, including two beloved young elephants called Castor and Pollux.
Le Cafe Anglais offered braised elephant's feet with ham, garlic, spices and Madiera, and one butcher sold elephant blood pudding.

Off to warm up the BBQ - a pound of Gloucester Old Spot sausages await as I have no Elephants handy.

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June 19, 2004

Essential EU analysis

EU Referendum Richard North is working through it - keep going back to his site to get up to date.

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Now the fun begins

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | EU agrees historic constitution

A deal has been reached on the first constitution for the European Union after hours of talks at the EU summit.

All Tony has to do now is persuade me and you to vote for it. Snowball meet hell.

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June 18, 2004

The Artiste formally known as..

A fellow landowner in Wiltshire is all over the news today - winning a partial battle to shout " Get orf moi land" at Ramblers and also for comparing Bush to Saddam They are both like "behaving in an irresponsible manner". It also reveals that:

Madonna - who was named after her mother - said she now wanted to be called Esther as part of her following of the Kabbalah religious teachings.

Can I suggest that she takes the title "Talentless Old Slapper" instead and then we would all know who we are referring to, in the unfortunate occurrence of us ever having to hear of her ever again.

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The Enemy's Handbook

The Edge of England's Sword notes his own article on a EU report which is the outcome of a working party looking into the future of the EU. I admit I hjave only skimmed the report's 112 pages but it does seem to be fairly blunt to why Europe is failing, but the answer seems to be if it hasn't worked yet, up the dose, more of the same, don't look at those unculutured Anglo-americans and their awful fascination with "trade". We know better. Read Iain's bits for the analysis by a man who has been arsed to read it.

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East is east and west is west.

So what is going on with the new EU members - they have only been mebers for six weeks and enjoyed all the hype and fanfare of joining - but firstly they couldn't be bothered to turn out to vote :

EU Business - European dismay at low election turnout

The worst fears of European Union officials came true on Monday after only nine voters in 20 bothered to turn out for European Parliament elections which also saw a surge in support for parties opposed to the continental bloc.
Disappointed politicians noted the paradox that apathy was most widespread in former communist states such as Poland and Slovakia, which joined the EU to much fanfare only six weeks ago.

For instance 16.6 percent trunout in Slovakia.

And then Today's headline in The Times

New Europe sides with Blair against old Europe

It is almost as though the people didn't really want to join the old EU at all...

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Handy Tip

Mrs Englishmans new boots are a bit tight so I am putting a small plastic bag of water in the toe bit and then they will go in the freezer ~ it works every time.


Image taken on 18/6/2004 17:46

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Today I have mainly been cutting out beams

High in the Castle roof there were some A frame which held up the roof but were in the way so today we cut them out and put steel box frames in Now that is real work


Image taken on 18/6/2004 17:36

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Alice is back

Alice in Texas "I am back blogging, and intend to stay here."

Having escaped from my part of Blighty she is down Texas way and in fine form - example...

Tony Blair is now halfway physically morphed into some indistinct Schroeder-like Euro-politico. Grey crispy hair; puffy face; the occasional use of pseudy mid-European-intellektual specs, required by myopia born of psychosomatic-metaphorical failure to perceive The Big Picture; ultra-expensively cut suits disguising a multitude of foie-gras laden sins. The old wide-eyed enthusiasm is long gone. Now he rubs his beady eyes in sheer confusion at the wilfulness of his charges (ie, us), who simply refuse to listen to common sense anymore.

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June 17, 2004


A link from not.onlymyself to a proposed ecotourist holiday - I know a man who might be interested - Norway considers tourist seal hunt - (UPI)

The Norwegian government is considering opening its annual seal hunt to tourists who pay for training and guides, the Aftenposten newspaper said Wednesday.

Norway's parliament, the Storting, cleared Fishery Minister Svein Ludvigsen's proposal to make seal hunting a tourist attraction.

There is now a quota of 2,000 animals per year for Norwegian hunters, who must pass a shooting exam and also win a permit by lottery. The quota is rarely reached because of the unpredictability of the wind and seas.

Under the government tourism proposal, in order to participate in the difficult hunt applicants must be also be gun-qualified, and would need certified guides.

Now I know what to say when my Guardian reader friends ask "Going anywhere interesting for your holidays? We have got this super litle farmhouse in the..." "YES actually I'm going Seal hunting in Norway"

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BMA Bollocks

BBC NEWS | Politics | MP defends McDonald's-paid trip

The BMA denounced MPs' decision saying: "For Members of Parliament to allow their names to be linked to promote fast food is seriously irresponsible."

I expect it was because the BMA didn't get the free tickets to the footie, everyone knows that foreign junkets are the job of the BMA, but of course the free food they demand is more the three hour lunch type rather than the healthy balanced option that "fast food" provides for the poor sods who actually do the work in this country and haven't the time or money to eat "slow food" everyday.

Ingredients :Minced beef, tomato, cheese, salad leaves, wheat flour, spices etc. - is that a Big Mac or a healthy Lasagne and Salad?

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Minefield Game


"Use logic and kittens to navigate a clear path through this gore filled minefield..."

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June 16, 2004

Apple Pie Order

A story that was passed to me,- knowing schools I believe it:

A friend's son who shows promise in the kitchen announced that at his next cookery lesson he was to make an apple pie. (I say 'cookery lesson' but there is a properly obscure title for the course which seems to combine cooking with metalwork and carpentry aiui.)

He had to take the ingredients with him. To be fair to the school he had been issued with a note detailing the quantities but what does a typical small boy do with notes from school?

Yes, he lost it.

Never mind. Apple pie is easy. He went with Apples, sugar, butter, flour and a couple of cloves.

He came back with them, he hadn't been allowed to make a pie because he hadn't got the proper ingredients.

Which were:
A pack of ready made pastry sheets.
And a can of sweetened apple pulp.

So the schools are teaching home cooking to processed packet food

He made his pie at home after school with minimal assistance and the
ingredients that had made the round trip plus a few blackberries and some shreds of ginger. I had a slice. As I said, he shows promise.

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Out or In - the cost

The Indy ran its front page today on the cost of leaving Europe.

After UKIP's shock successes in the European elections, Tony Blair said yesterday withdrawal would be 'extraordinary foolishness'. So what would it mean for Britain?

Some highlights:

Britain would suffer a permanent loss of 23bn a year if we pulled out, says the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, an independent think-tank.

Withdrawal from the European Union would reverse fundamental employment and social welfare rights that UK citizens have enjoyed for more than 30 years.

Workers would be unable to bring sex, race or disability claims against their employers.

The 48-hour working week, regular breaks between shifts and a minimum 11-hour rest between shifts would also be obsolete. There would no longer be a statutory four-weeks annual holiday.

EU directives give two weeks' statutory paternity leave and increased maternity leave.

An army of lawyers and two or three full parliamentary terms would be needed to disentangle Britain from Europe.No one has any idea of the cost.

The Government would have to repeal hundreds of EU directives in UK law.

Britain would have to recall its judges from the European Court of Justice, losing a forum for settling arguments.

In October 2000 Britain incorporated the European Convention on Human Rights into domestic law. By withdrawing from the convention and repealing this legislation British citizens would no longer be protected by a set of fundamental human rights

The 1994 EU habitats directive bans interference in breeding places of endangered species. It has been used by campaigners to prevent roads, housing and industrial projects.

Wild birds in Britain are protected by the EU birds directive.

The cost of phone calls has halved thanks to the EU's liberalisation of the telecoms market.

The cost of electricity to consumers fell by 6.5 per cent between 1996 and 2001.

EU deregulation has introduced competition on airline routes once jealously protected by national airlines.

Withdrawal would exclude Britain from future peace-keeping in crisis-hit regions.

It would deal a heavy blow to Britain's influence in military planning.

I think that is a fair summary of the pro EU argument - On the economic cost you might want to compare with the IEA's "Better of out?" "This new and revised edition of Better Off Out? brings up to date the estimates made in 1996 and shows that subsequent studies have independently confirmed its conclusion that the net economic effect of EU membership is close to zero. It does not argue for Briain's withdrawal. But, the authors say, withdrawal should 'not be dismissed as a practical option for the nation, if membership imposes conditions that the country finds onerous'."

And as for the rest of them nothing strikes me as being even slightly persuasive - just because we would scrap the EU protection of Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers doesn't mean we wouldn't create our own similar directive in our own Parliament.

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June 15, 2004


I popped over to Numberwatch to order his new book - what an essential site it is - and came back with this musing on D-Day.

..above all, it was for the precious concept of individual liberty that Britons, Americans and their allies endured that terrible ordeal. Protected by habeas corpus, free from the threat from double jeopardy, beneficiaries of centuries of careful development of a framework of law and justice, they were the inheritors of a tradition that represents the best of a fair society. For the British, however, it has all turned to dust, surrendered by the pusillanimous politicians. Here is a short extract from the book Ten minutes to midnight by Phillip Day , Credence Publications 2003:

* Under British law, a law enforcement officer or the public prosecutor must place evidence before a court within 24 hours of a citizen's arrest, detailing the charges being brought against him or her. Under EU law, the police and prosecution have become one entity, and all proceedings may be conducted in secret. These measures have already been endorsed by British politicians.
* Under ECJ law, past offences committed by the accused will be raked up against him and used to justify why he committed the crime for which he is accused. Under British law, this information is only made available to the court after the verdict, in order to secure a fair trial.
* Under Article 8 of the Treaty of Amsterdam, members of the new federal 'Europol' are "immune from legal process of any kind for acts performed... in the exercise of their official functions." Thus, no Europol officer can be charged or brought to trial for false imprisonment, violence against a suspect, the destruction or seizure of private property , or harassment of any individual.

* Europol has been given powers to operate anywhere within the Eurozone, including Britain, with complete impunity. They have the power of summary arrest and extradition, in spite of existing British laws, which specifically prohibit such action. Under the power of international treaty, British law is superseded.

* Ironically, or perhaps not so, Europol's main base of operations is quartered in the old Gestapo headquarters building in The Hague. Eventually Europol will have thousands of armed officers able to operate throughout the Eurozone with complete impunity.

* Europol has been amassing records on hundreds of thousands of European citizens. None of this information is ever made public. Europol has the power, under EU law, to instruct British police authorities to investigate anyone in Britain the EU deems a danger to law and order.

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Disappointed moi? Non.

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Poll bruising forces EU rethink

European leaders are reeling from the blow delivered to the EU project by voters who abstained in droves or protested by backing Eurosceptics.
French President Jacques Chirac said the EU elections were "disappointing for all of us and for Europe".

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Give 'em hell

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler links to a Patton Speech - start the day with a high caffine cup and go and read it - preferably aloud and outside facing the world.

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June 14, 2004


Disinfopedia was brought to my attention again. It is a "a collaborative project to produce a directory of public relations firms, think tanks, industry-funded organizations and industry-friendly experts that work to influence public opinion and public policy on behalf of corporations, governments and special interests." As such anyone can go in an edit and create the entries (some safeguards exist) It is interesting that Philip Stott has a couple of long pages whereas Tony Blair only gets a couple of lines. All our favourite think tanks are here, ASI, iea etc.
And also the baddies such as Greenpeace, Forum for the Future, but I notice that Lord Melchett: Aristocrat eco-warrior and Sir Jonathon Espie Porritt are still awaiting entries. If you fancy your hand at adding information to help the public it would be a public spirited act to dive in and start writing. No experience necessary.

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The Jet in question

My enquiry about my MPs freebie trips has generated some interest - I realised I didn't know the plane so here is a link :Aerospace Technology - The Dassault Falcon 900EX long-range business tri-jet.

And yes he is an Earl:

Rt Hon Michael Andrew Foster Jude KERR of ANCRAM,

PC 1996; DL Roxburgh, Ettrick & Lauderdale, 1990; QC (Scot) 1996, MP (C) Devizes from 1992; chm of the Conservative Party from 1998; s and heir of 12th Marquess of Lothian,

(His surname is actually Kerr but he uses Ancram - it gets odder - but then one day he will be Lothian I suppose when he becomes the Marquess).

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Busy ness

Working from home today the temptation to enjoy the sun has been hard to resisit, but the children must be fed so it has been hard at it working on eBay UK Shop - Simpleesell:
which I hope will develop into a nice little earner.

"Simpleesell - purveyors of auctioning services to the gentry" um, maybe I need to work on the advertising a little more...

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They Work For You

Testing the beta of TheyWorkForYou.com: Is your MP working for you in the UK's Parliament? I notice an interesting snippet about my MP The Earl Of Ancram - so I use the handy link to send him a fax. Having met him a couple of times he seems a decent cove so I expect the answer promptish and we will all see the answer.

My Query:

Dear Rt Hon Michael Ancram QC,

Late at night perusing the excellent www.theyworkforyou.com I notice on your register of interests that several of your trips have been financially supported by Flying Lion Ltd. I just wondered who they are, as the only information that is thrown up on a web search is, via a far right web site, which quotes them as "(A)company (that)owns one Dassault Falcon 900EX (registration VP-BMS) registered in Bermuda at the following address:

Being curious I wonder why such a small airline is prepared to fly you, and apparently no other MPs to ;
Kabul and Baghdad, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, and Afghanistan, Georgia and Turkey.

I am making this enquiry public on my website www.anenglishmanscastle.com and unless you request otherwise I will make the reply public. I hope that is OK.

If anyone else knows about Flying Lion Ltd. please tell me.

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June 13, 2004

A thoughtful article on our Flag.

Telegraph | News | The madness of St George

The madness of St George
By Quentin Letts
(Filed: 13/06/2004)

From flags to face paint, bunting to bed covers, England has been engulfed by a wave of patriotism - and it's not just the Euro 2004 football fans. Quentin Letts reports on a red and white revolution

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June 12, 2004

Ouch Tony

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler analyses why Tony lost support, was it really his support of the Iraq War? He and I don't think so. Tony lost support of Sid and Doris Bonkers who run the local Labour branch, and he lost the support of the Medja over it. So when the great British public vote against Labour because they are fed up of the crap public services, the broken promises, the taxes and the fawning to the EU superstate; all of which Sid and Doris are happy with, the professionals point to the War as the casue instead, which when voting in local elections is, I believe, way down people's list of reasons to vote.

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Great news BLACKFIVE:'s Daughter is Almost Here! Best of luck to all.

He also has an updated "Ten Rules of Dating my Daughter" which I will remember for when the Englishettes get older.

Sample -

Be afraid. Be very afraid. I have a hearing loss and it takes very little for me to mistake the sound of your car in the driveway for an Iraqi Republican Guard (Soviet) T-72 tank. When my stress level gets too high, the voices in my head frequently tell me to clean the guns as I wait for you to bring my daughter home. As soon as you pull into the driveway you should exit your car with both hands in plain sight. Speak the perimeter password, announce in a clear voice that you have brought my daughter home safely and early, then turn and run back to your car. There is no need for you to come inside. The camouflaged face that you see in the window is mine...

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June 11, 2004


The Daily Ablution links to a disgraceful example of how I am some people are abroad. C'mon England (warning - filthy swearing etc in a flash movie).

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June 10, 2004


I was offline most of today as I set up BT broadband at home - not as smooth as promised but all the 'puters are on the net now.

Rest of the day I had to get my eyes checked as I think I'm going shortsighted - 400 later I know I am and will start wearing glasses... bugger.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Definition: \Short"sight`ed\, a.
1. Not able to see far; nearsighted; myopic. See {Myopic},
and {Myopia}.

2. Fig.: Not able to look far into futurity; unable to
understand things deep; of limited intellect.

3. Having little regard for the future; heedless. --
{Short"sight`ed*ly}, adv. -- {Short"sight`ed*ness}, n.

Cunning is a kind of shortsightedness. --Addison.

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Vote early, vote often

European elections: The manifestos

European election day today - in my humble opinion this election is not about national politics but is a single issue referendum on Europe as a whole - do you want to be part of a EU as it is evolving, do you want to influence to change from the inside or do you just want to say "Bollocks" to the lot of them?

I'm in the Bollocks camp, Mr Howard is in for a bad day with the number of "natural" Tories who are lending the UKIP their vote for this one election.

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June 9, 2004

Mr Free Market will like this..

Terminal Ballistics

These pages are intended for a serious examination of the subject of terminal ballistics as it applies to the hunter (principally). Necessarily, some of the details of the discussion involve matters which some minds may regard as gruesome, possibly even disturbing. While there are no graphic depictions of wounds on this site and its associated pages, the effects of bullets are discussed in graphic (albeit scientific) terms. Anyone who finds the whole subject of hunting and guns to be unsettling may well want to depart without perusing the contents of this site. I accept no responsibility whatsoever for any psychological traumas, mishaps, misfortunes, or bad karma alleged to result from viewing this site, whether real, imaginary or pretended. On the other hand... if one's mind is not frozen in prejudice (or alternatively, absorbed by perverse morbidity), then I would invite newcomers to the world of sport hunting to examine these pages and discover the non-sensationalized real face of modern hunting. I hold very high ethical standards and one will find that ethics is a recurring theme on this site.

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June 8, 2004

Tag cattle, Brand Slaves, ID card me... bollocks

BBC NEWS | Politics | Watchdog's 'alarm' over ID cards

Plans for a national ID card scheme risk changing the relationship between the British state and its citizens, the information watchdog has warned.
Richard Thomas said he had initially greeted the plans with "healthy scepticism" but the details had changed his view to "increasing alarm".


The BBC's Andrew Marr
"What Mr Thomas has said will greatly boost the enthusiasm of civil libertarians"

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The view from inside my helmet

The transit of venus as seen by a welder


Image taken on 8/6/2004 10:24

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June 7, 2004

Venus - a reminder

Times Online - Home has details of Tuesday's 8th June Transit of Venus..

Venus will appear as a small black disc silhouetted against the Sun at 6.19am, shortly after sunrise. Over the next six hours, it will then cut a slow left-to-right diagonal path across its southern portion, disappearing at 12.24pm.
Transits of Venus occur so infrequently that this will be the only opportunity that anyone alive today will have to view one in the skies above Britain.

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Flagging interest

BBC NEWS | England | West Midlands | To fly or not to fly?

They are everywhere. It seems you cannot go down any street at the moment without seeing cars, shops, houses and pubs festooned with St George's flags.
But are these patriotic displays just an indication of support for the England squad in Euro 2004 or do they represent something else?
In some quarters concerns have been raised that the recent surge in the number of the flags on show on England's streets, has little to do with supporting the national football team and is more a statement of discontent with the state of the nation.

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June 6, 2004


The first poppies are out


Image taken on 6/6/2004 9:08

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June 5, 2004

Reagan dead

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Ex-President Ronald Reagan dies

Former US President Ronald Reagan has died, aged 93, after reports in recent days that his health had taken a turn for the worse.

He probably did more than any other person to make this world a safer and freer place in the last thirty years. His courage in facing his illness was inspirational and his death must be a release for him and his family. But the world should honour him.

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June 4, 2004


go to google.co.uk

type in poodle
click on pages from the uk
click I'm feeling lucky

The result - Poodle

Now who has been running a naughty googlebomb?

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My sort of pictures.

I was pleased to learn that a young girl I know, (I knew her mother very well a long time ago), has got a website of her photos. You have probably guessed I'm a bit of a tractor fan and so this one
Angel's Beast was my favourite. Other charming pictures include at Pony Club and with her family.

I remember one night I was walking home from the Pub and Sarah, who was about 16, was lying on her back with legs in the air (fully clothed) on the village Green. Her boyfriend was trying to get her to go home to her mum as she had too much to drink. When she saw me she said " Hi Tim, do you know I have got 36" long legs, what do you think I should be doing with them?" I resisted the temptation to say "Move over boy, this is man's work, watch and learn". Regrets, we all have them..

A word of warning, I wouldn't explore the rest of her site as her work is now "adult" in nature and not for the faint hearted - I will stick to the tractor pictures.

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Lucky old Spring Dawn

Stephen Pollard "Not a site for Guardian readers" reports his racehorse has retired to the Elysian Hunting fields of Cirencester - it is all right for some. I don't ride but watching horses at a Meet and out in the Field it is obvious they have a fantastic time, being a herd animal, doing what comes naturally.

Oh and this move has pissed off his Gaurdian readers, even better..

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June 3, 2004

A picture is worth a thousand words.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Plans 'to counter' fuel protests

Ministers are preparing for possible protests over rising petrol prices, the transport secretary has admitted


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June 2, 2004

Now this I understand

Cutting pipes using an angle grinder and a Victorian Leg Vice


Image taken on 2/6/2004 17:52

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An Englishman's Castle has been spruced up and buggered about, somethings work better, some still don't and some are worse - all change is for the worse, memo to self if it ain't broken don't mend it and stop wasting time...

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June 1, 2004

Every Mose is on his toes..

As well as ticking off Mr FM Ian at Panchromatica also reminds us that it is Fats Waller's Centenary year - all together now...
The Joint is Jumpin;

Check your weapons at the door,
Be sure to pay your quarter,
Burn your leather on the floor,
Grab anybody's daughter.

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Mr Free Market gets a slapping

Ian at Panchromatica doesn't approve of some of Mr Free Market's comments - I must admit that Ms Carr seemed an odd target to take against, a woman more sinned against than sinning, a bit feeble minded but not an evil person - judging by the extremely limited amount I have read. But chain gangs on the A303 - oh yes please.

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Top 100 - no no no

Top 100 Beautiful Women: www.smh.com.au

The women were chosen for their "embodiment of natural beauty, healthy living, beautiful on the inside and out, with great skin and a natural glow to their personality, as well as their complexion",

1. Audrey Hepburn
2. Liv Tyler
3. Cate Blanchett
4. Angelina Jolie
5. Grace Kelly
6. Natalie Imbruglia
7. Juliette Binoche
8. Halle Berry
9. Helena Christensen
10. Elle Macpherson

I wouldn't disagree with the list too violently so far but the rest are below - but "natural" beauty, my arse, some of them are right old slappers - others I wouldn't kick out of bed for eating toast. I think I will rest awhile and reorder the list to my own liking, I maybe some time...

11. Cameron Diaz
12. Princess Diana
13. Kate Moss
14. Charlize Theron
15. Scarlett Johansson
16. Isabella Rossellini
17. Nigella Lawson
18. Beyonce Knowles
19. Madonna
20. Jamelia
21. Nicole Kidman
22. Monica Bellucci
23. Audrey Tatou
24. Vanessa Paradis
25. Julianne Moore
26. Jennifer Lopez
27. Marilyn Monroe
28. Julia Roberts
29. Liberty Ross
30. Kylie Minogue
31. Estelle Warren
32. Gisele Bundchen
33. Gwyneth Paltrow
34. Kate Winslet
35. Katharine Hepburn
36. Ava Gardner
37. Keira Knightley
38. Iman
39. Jerry Hall
40. Heidi Klum
41. Ursula Andress
42. Virginie Ledoyen
43. Sophie Dahl
44. Michelle Pfeiffer
45. Uma Thurman
46. Kim Catrell
47. Jennifer Aniston
48. Eva Herzigova
49. Brigitte Bardot
50. Felicity Kendal
51. Claudia Schiffer
52. Jacqueline Kennedy
53. Marlene Dietrich
54. Milla Jovovitch
55. Lucy Liu
56. Penelope Cruz
57. Neve Campbell
58. Sharon Stone
59. Vivien Leigh
60. Sophie Marceau
61. Linda Evangelista
62. Dido
63. Catherine Zeta Jones
64. Jessica Lange
65. Ingrid Bergman
66. Greta Garbo
67. Jodie Kidd
68. Laetitia Casta
69. Princess Caroline of Monaco
70. Kathleen Turner
71. Rachel Weisz
72. Naomi Campbell
73. Grace Jones
74. Christie Turlington
75. Famke Jensen
76. Catherine Deneuve
77. Cindy Crawford
78. Heather Graham
79. Judy Garland
80. Ginger Rogers
81. Sophia Loren
82. Yasmin Le Bon
83. Kirsten Dunst
84. Sandra Bullock
85. Melanie Sykes
86. Cleopatra
87. Lisa Snowdon
88. Rita Hayworth
89. Katie Holmes
90. Honor Blackman
91. Joely Richardson
92. Joanna Lumley
93. Andie MacDowell
94. Alicia Silverstone
95. Cat Deeley
96. Rene Russo
97. Sienna Miller
98. Rachel Hunter
99. Jade Jagger
100. Kelly Brook

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Where does oil come from?

I have come across this before, but thanks to Barking Moonbat EWS for this link to an interesting theory - WorldNetDaily: Sustainable oil?

"...in the Middle East, where oil exploration and extraction have been underway for at least the last 20 years, known reserves have doubled. Currently there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 680 billion barrels of Middle East reserve oil.

Creating that much oil would take a big pile of dead dinosaurs and fermenting prehistoric plants. Could there be another source for crude oil?

An intriguing theory now permeating oil company research staffs suggests that crude oil may actually be a natural inorganic product, not a stepchild of unfathomable time and organic degradation....

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I haven't posted much on Europe recently - it gets so depressing the same old story of corruption and fedeophiles.. But the guys at EURSOC
have stronger stomachs than me and daily churn out the goods - and very good it is too.

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