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September 30, 2007

Conservative Values


The Light Programme is rerunning shows from 40 years ago today in the background; I'm cooking my own pork for a roast Sunday lunch, together with Apple Dumplings, apples from our orchard of course. The flour sifter and pallet knife are probably nearing a hundred years old as is the kitchen table my girls are sitting round helping me. They are my mother's and I helped her in the same way all those years ago.
I hope they grow up with as happy memories as I have, and that this Sunday finds you as content as I am.

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September 29, 2007

Cameron Picture Quiz


So which one to you want to punch for being a silly round pink thing on a stick?

Those very nice people at Sky sent me a pack of their Politician Top Trump cards, where David Cameron rates for his looks, but, but is it just me. I think his top Tory Toff looks count against him. He looks just that bit too well fed, manicured and buffed. No hint of work or worry has lined his face, and the idea of his physog beaming out of the telly is not an inducement for voting for him.

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Living Death

Ian Huntley attempts suicide - Telegraph

Soham murderer Ian Huntley was being treated in hospital tonight after trying to kill himself with a suspected overdose.

Some of us would think the most suitable treatment would be leave him in a cell with a hook in the ceiling, a length of rope and rickety chair. What are striving to keep him alive for? He is never going to be released, he wants to die, simple. Or do we want to keep him caged up for our public enjoyment so we can sleep easier knowing the bad men are behind bars? It seems a cruel punishment to keep someone alive when they don't want to be.

Patients' 'living wills' will give legal 'right to die' - Telegraph

Doctors who refuse to let incapacitated patients die even though it has been stipulated in their "living wills" could face assault charges under a law to be introduced on Monday.

The Mental Capacity Act will ensure that people's living wills or "advance decisions" will have the force of law when they become incapacitated.

They will be able to insist that they do not want to be resuscitated in the event that they lose the ability to refuse treatment themselves.

So will this apply to prisoners like him?

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September 28, 2007

A big hand for Pewsey

A%20big%20hand%20for%20Pewsey.jpg I rarely check my stats but I notice today my stalker from Pewsey is still looking for mentions - see extended entry - no idea why unless it was my mentioning of the incidence of Polydactylism in Pewsey. I went to primary school in Pewsey and learning that twelve pennies make a shilling, and twelve inches to a foot came naturally to the closely related children I shared the classroom with.

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2007.03.17 11:51:01 An Englishman's Castle Comment on "An apology to those very nice people of Pewsey" by Keegan. (IP:

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Thanks Fluff!

Iain Dale's Top 500 and in the charts this week...

No. 41 - a drunk completely fucking it up...

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Leave it to the professionals....

Police attack Jack Straw over ‘irresponsible’ vow on self-defence - Times Online
...But the attack by the Police Federation caused the most surprise, with their warning that any changes must not encourage the public to take the law into their own hands.

Jan Berry, chairman of the federation, expressed surprise at the latest review of self-defence law and said that nothing should be done that encourages vigilantism by the public.

“It is irresponsible for a government, either current or shadow, to use such a potentially dangerous subject to demonstrate a proactive stance on crime – not least the danger of raising public expectation when the reality is not achievable,” she said. “We need commonsense laws that protect the law-abiding public against a minority of offenders but we don’t want this to act as a green light to use excessive force nor to encourage people to take the law into their own hands.”

Sod off Plod, it is not a case of us "taking the law", it is OUR law, you are just a paid upholder of it - as a far greater Policeman than you once said " Police, at all times, should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence." Get off your professional "producer capture" hobby horse and remember we are all in this together.

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Supping with long spoons

Guy Fawkes' blog of parliamentary plots, rumours and conspiracy: Never Work With Guido, Children or Animals

recommended that the world would be better off if they became honest drug dealers and arms traders rather than politicians

Thanks Guido! One young Englishman appreciated your speech, and the ASI ISOS seminar whilst I enjoyed a leisurely lunch with The Devil

Thanks to all.

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Bacon Heaven

Australia has more wild pigs than humans - Telegraph

Pig hunting has been popular with rural Australians for decades. The sport even has its own magazines. Bacon Busters has a regular 'Babes and Boars' page, featuring photographs of bikini-clad young women sitting astride dead pigs.

'Babes and Boars' - my subscription is in the post, does it get much better?

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Cameron to repent of youthful dabbling

David Cameron returns to core Tory values - Telegraph

David Cameron is preparing to move to core Tory policies on tax, marriage and crime and style himself as an heir to Margaret Thatcher - not Tony Blair.

In a shift that will see him distance himself from green tax proposals, the Tory leader will use next week's crucial conference to try to reinvigorate his leadership before a possible snap election.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph today, George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, discloses that proposals that proved unpopular with ordinary Tory voters will be scrapped. They include taxing people for parking at supermarkets and for taking more than one short flight a year.

He also makes clear his intention to reform inheritance tax.

Mr Osborne says Gordon Brown is a "fake" and taunts the Labour leader by saying if he does not call an election now he will have "bottled it".

And after weeks of poor polls - the latest put Labour 11 points ahead - and watching the Prime Minister make direct appeals to Tory voters, Mr Osborne has been forced to fight back and stake Mr Cameron's claim for traditional backing.

Mr Brown used an interview with this paper and his conference speech on Monday to try to woo Middle England. Promises by the Government to review policies on crime and drugs have also been seen as an attempt to stake out traditional Tory ground.

By contrast, recent Conservative green proposals were greeted with astonishment.

Cabinet ministers at Labour's conference in Bournemouth this week could not contain their pleasure at Mr Cameron's clumsy attempts to use the multi-millionaire Zac Goldsmith to come up with green policies for "ordinary people". It threatened to be a millstone round the party's neck.

That will be put right next week when many of the plans are ditched....

Is the Boy growing up, putting behind him those embarrassing teenage trendy policies, will he acknowledge the traditional Tories have more appeal than Zac and Gummer? Time will tell but it is a welcome move, even if it is done under pressure from realising his present policies are as welcome as Granny's tongue in a goodnight kiss.

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Property Porn

English Heritage Images of England: a searchable photograpic archive of the historic buildings of England
Images of England is a ‘point in time’ photographic library of England’s listed buildings, recorded at the turn of the 21st century.

You can view over 300,000 images of England’s built heritage from lamp posts to lavatories, phone boxes to toll booths, mile stones to gravestones, as well as thousands of bridges, historic houses and churches.

Ooh look there's Aunty Mabel's House...

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Mr Benn forgets which costume he is meant to wear

Scotsman.com News - Farmers hit out as Benn devotes just 39 words to twin crises

FARMERS' leaders rounded on Hilary Benn, the Cabinet minister in charge of British farming, last night for neglecting the agricultural industry.

Farmers are under enormous pressure from continuing outbreaks of two virulent livestock diseases: foot-and-mouth and bluetongue.

The Scotsman yesterday highlighted how farming issues have been ignored and sidelined by many in politics and the media, the result of an increasingly urban-centric public debate.

The foot-and-mouth infection has been traced to a government laboratory in Pirbright, Surrey, while, despite repeated appeals, ministers have not made clear on what basis they will declare an official outbreak of bluetongue.

Yet Mr Benn devoted only a single sentence of his keynote speech to the Labour Party conference in Bournemouth to farming. He said he wanted to "thank all those who are working so hard and with such calm purpose" to contain outbreaks.

In all, Mr Benn, a vegetarian, devoted 39 words to farming in his seven-minute, 1,300-word address to Labour members. He devoted the rest of his speech to issues such as climate change and ramblers' rights.

So Defra unleash F&M, have no idea what to do about Bluetongue, basic food commodities have doubled in price, worldwide stocks of grain, and EU stocks in particular, are at record lows and the Minister in charge ignores the problems. Hierarchy of Needs and all that, getting fed beats the right to wander any day.

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September 27, 2007

Gordon stays Shrum

Comment Central - Times Online - Daniel Finkelstein

.....The heavy influence of Bob Shrum on Gordon Brown's speech....

there are plenty of phrases pretty directly lifted from speeches made by Shrum clients, many of which he admits he wrote. Here are just a few, there may well be many more:

Al Gore 2000 nomination acceptance speech: I know my own imperfections. I know that sometimes people say I'm too serious, that I talk too much substance and policy.

Gordon Brown: Sometimes people say I am too serious and I fight too hard and maybe that's true......

Al Gore 2000 nomination acceptance speech: I pledge to you tonight: I will work for you every day and I will never let you down. "

Gordon Brown: This is my pledge to the British people: I will not let you down.

John Kerry 2004 nomination acceptance speech: And what can I say about Teresa?  She has the strongest moral compass of anyone I know

Gordon Brown: And this is my moral compass

Bill Clinton's State of the Union 1995: As we move into this next century, everybody matters; we don't have a person to waste.

Gordon Brown: This is the century where our country cannot afford to waste the talents of anyone

Then there's the structure. So many Shrum speeches begin with a story about the candidate's mother and father and what they taught him. So did Brown on Monday. And the pointing out John Smeaton was straight out of a Clinton State of the Union speech.


Not an original thought in that carefully coiffured head - imagine just cutting and pasting whole sections of text.....

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Sacrifice your children to the Education Gods

Middle class 'should choose worst schools' - Telegraph

Better-off parents should consider sending their children to struggling state schools, an education minister, Jim Knight, said yesterday.

As a parent your first responsibility is to your children, to subject them unnecessarily to a crap and violent schooling "for the greater good" or to demonstrate your "right-on credentials" is just plain fucking wrong.
Can children sue their parents for dereliction of duty?

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Straw to back The Castle Doctrine?

Castle Doctrine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (also known as a Castle Law or a Defense of Habitation Law) is an American legal concept derived from English Common Law, which designates one's place of residence (or, in some states, any place legally occupied, such as one's car or place of work) as a place in which one enjoys protection from illegal trespassing and violent attack. It then goes on to give a person the legal right to use deadly force to defend that place (his/her "castle"), and/or any other innocent persons legally inside it, from violent attack or an intrusion which may lead to violent attack. Within the legal paradigm, therefore, it functions as a type of justifiable homicide.

...English Common Law as it stood in the 1700s. In Book 4, Chapter 16[1] of William Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England, he says:
“And the law of England has so particular and tender a regard to the immunity of a man's house, that it stiles it his castle, and will never suffer it to be violated with immunity: agreeing herein with the sentiments of ancient Rome, as expressed in the works of Tully; quid enim sanctius, quid omni religione munitius, quam domus unusquisque civium? For this reason no doors can in general be broken open to execute any civil process; though, in criminal causes, the public safety supersedes the private. Hence also in part arises the animadversion of the law upon eaves-droppers, nusancers, and incendiaries: and to this principal it must be assigned, that a man may assemble people together lawfully without danger of raising a riot, rout, or unlawful assembly, in order to protect and defend his house; which he is not permitted to do in any other case.”

.....Mr Straw will say: "Enforcing the law, securing justice, is not just a matter for 'them' - the courts, the prisons, the probation service, the police - but for all of us.

"The justice system must not only work on the side of the people who do the right thing as good citizens, but also be seen to work on their side."

The review, he will say, is aimed at ensuring that those who seek to protect themselves, their loved ones and their homes as well as other citizens have confidence that law is on their side.

His aides stressed that Mr Straw was not going to go as far as to defend the actions of Tony Martin..

So no he won't, but it is a tiny step in the right direction.

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September 26, 2007

What Gordon Didn't Say

Here's some Politician's Quotes that folksy old Gordon failed to include, and I doubt Dave will either..

"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."

Thomas Jefferson

"No man's life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session."

Judge Gideon J. Tucker

"The single most exciting thing you encounter in government is competence, because it's so rare."

Daniel P. Moynihan

"The power to tax is the power to destroy. A government which lays taxes on
the people not required by urgent public necessity and sound public policy
is not a protector of liberty, but an instrument of tyranny."
--Calvin Coolidge

We have an army of bureaucrats laboring feverishly to convince us of the importance of government. There are few who work to convince us otherwise. The bureaucrats are paid for their work. No one is paid to point out the waste, graft, and corruption that is government.

Tom Gleinser

"When the government's boot is on your throat, whether it is a left boot or a right boot is of no consequence."

Gary Lloyd

"I weep for the liberty of my country when I see at this early day of its “successful experiment” that corruption has been imputed to many members of the House of Representatives, and the rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office."

Andrew Jackson, February 10, 1825

"The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the law of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence."

John Adams

The amount of donations a candidate receives is a direct indication of his level of corruption.

The most corruptible candidates receive the most money.

Tom Gleinser

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience."

C.S. Lewis

There’s a huge difference between Vegas and Washington. See, in Las Vegas, people gamble with their own money."

Jay Leno

In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress.
- John Adams

"It is said that power corrupts, but actually it's more true that
power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by
other things than power."

David Brin

"Politics is the art of stopping people from minding their own business."

Paul Valery

“I've had a tough time learning how to act like a congressman. Today I accidentally spent some of my own money.”

Joseph P. Kennedy

"Liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you give it to others."

William Allen White

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite government program. "

Main's Law

"The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments."

William H. Borah

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the State. They forget that the State wants to live at the expense of everyone."

Fredrick Bastiat

"The only freedom which deserves the name, is that of pursuing our own good in our own way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs, or impede their efforts to obtain it."

John Stuart Mill

There is no better way to provide for the "common good" that through the preservation of individual liberty.

Tom Gleinser

"We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle."

Sir Winston Churchill

"The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws."


The world is a dangerous place to live... not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it. - Albert Einstein

"There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him."

Robert Heinlein

"Even a dumb free market is far more intelligent then a smart bureaucracy."

Joe Balyeat, in response to the "smart growth" psuedonym used by government regulators

“If you would not confront your neighbor and demand his money at the point of a gun to solve every new
problem that may appear in your life, then you should not ask the government to do it for you."

Once the government becomes the supplier of people's needs, there is no limit to the needs that will be claimed as a basic right."

Lawrence Auster

"The government deficit is the difference between the amount of money the government spends and the amount it has the nerve to collect."

Sam Ewing

Any alleged 'right' of one man, which necessitates the violation of the rights of another, is not and cannot be a right.
-- Ayn Rand

Politicians and diapers need to be regularly changed for the same reason.


Only Libertarians obey the Constitution rather than changing it to suit the desires of the special interests they owe.

When governments fear the people there is liberty.
When the people fear the government there is tyranny.

-Thomas Jefferson

"If a government were put in charge of the Sahara Desert, within five years, they'd have a shortage of sand." - Milton Friedman

Now those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth, and let me remind you they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyranny."

Barry Goldwater

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Rewriting History

BBC NEWS | Politics | British history 'needs rewrite'
British history should be rewritten to make it "more inclusive", says Trevor Phillips, the head of the new human rights and equality commission.

He said Muslims were also part of the national story and "sometimes we have to go back into the tapestry and insert some threads that were lost".

He quoted the example of the Spanish Armada, which was held up by the Turks at the request of Queen Elizabeth I.

"It was the Turks who saved us,"
Why race chief wants to sink our role in the Armada | the Daily Mail
Dr Simon Adams, co-author of England, Spain and the Grand Armada, said the Ottomans were not threatening Spain in the Mediterranean.

"The Turks were not really doing anything (against Spain) in 1588. They were busy in the Near East."

Dr Adams said the Armada failed because it was poorly planned and the English had an effective Navy helped by favourable weather.

The Civitas think-tank, which has republished the authoritative history Our Island Story by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall, said the claim is "fantasy".

Robert Whelan, of Civitas, said: "Before we start weaving in stories about the Turks and the Armada, dreamt up by people with their own agenda, we should first ensure we get the basics right."

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Exam Balls

New 'dumbed-down' GCSE will be as easy as A, B, or C - Times Online

Pupils taking GCSE exams will be asked multiple choice questions for the first time and be allowed to take unlimited resits.

It has also emerged that, under a planned overhaul of the system, up to half of GCSE English marks would be awarded for basic skills such as punctuation.

The planned reform of the exam system has fuelled accusations that testing standards are being lowered. Bethan Marshall, a senior lecturer in English education at King’s College London, told the Times Educational Supplement: “If you make 50 per cent of the GCSE about doing the basics, you are dumbing down.

“The subject is about so much more than being able to communicate accurately. And if you’re still doing basic skills at GCSE level, Heaven help you. It’s pretty boring.” ....

One suggested question for an English test reportedly asks pupils which word is spelt incorrectly in the sentence: “Be careful, the kettel is hot.”...
Dumbing down fears force exam shake-up - Times Online
The body that regulates examinations is to be made independent in a radical attempt to end the annual row about the dumbing down of school standards, Mr Balls ....will tell Labour delegates that he wants GCSE and A-level students to be able to take pride in their A-grades without facing the continual carping by critics that their results are a devalued currency. The move would enable the QCA independently to monitor school standards, free from political interference, and would distance the government of the day from criticisms of involvement.

Although the QCA theoretically is independent from government at present,

So it is independent, but Ministers keep sticking their oar in, just like the Bank of England! So he is going to make it independent again, and Ministers will still keep sticking their oars in, but with plausible deniability.

Who is going to be the first schools minister to allow exam results to go down on his watch?

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Fisking Gordo Speech - saves me having to wade through it!

PJC Journal :: Gordon Brown's speech to Conference - what was he thinking?

Gordon Brown the Prime Minister said: "My father was a minister of the church, and his favourite story was the parable of the talents because he believed - and I do too - that each and every one of us has a talent and each and every one of us should be able to use that talent."

I tell you, that to every one who has will more be given; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away
Luke 19:12-27

In other words, under Brown - The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

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My top 376 "Right of Centre" Bloggers

Iain Dale's Diary: Guide to Blogging 2007: Top 100 Right of Centre Blogs

You have all seen it so thanks to the others on the voting panel for raising to me to a lofty 24 on top of Theo Spark, probably not the safest place first thing in the morning!
In my voting I put myself at 12 - of the blogs I voted better than myself some aren't actually on my daily read, (I was using some arcane weighting formula akin to the Vatican choosing a new Pope.)
So the positions below may be mine, but not of my favourites....

Dizzy Thinks http://dizzythinks.net
Tim Worstall http://timworstall.typepad.com/timworstall/
Iain Dale http://iaindale.blogspot.com
Samizdata www.samizdata.net/blog
Adam Smith Institute http://www.adamsmith.org/blog
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Rockall Times

BBC ON THIS DAY | 21 | 1955: Britain claims Rockall

The UK formally claimed uninhabited Rockall, which is just 70ft (21m) high, on 18 September 1955 at 1016 GMT.

Two Royal Marines and a civilian naturalist, led by Royal Navy officer Lieutenant Commander Desmond Scott, raised a Union flag on the island and cemented a plaque into the rock.

The islet is within reach of the planned guided missile range in the Hebrides ...

Queen Elizabeth authorised the annexation on 14 September.

Her orders stated: "On arrival at Rockall you will effect a landing and hoist the Union flag on whatever spot appears most suitable or practicable and you will then take possession of the island on our behalf."

End of story so WTF is this about?

Iceland talks to resolve rival claims to Rockall - Telegraph
The long-running dispute over the ownership of Rockall, the inaccessible lump of granite rising out of the Atlantic, will come to a head when the rival nations that lay claim to its territorial boundaries meet for talks in Iceland.

For decades Britain and Ireland have been unable to agree who owns the outcrop and, more importantly, the surrounding seabed, which is rich in oil and gas.

Representatives from Britain, Ireland, Denmark (acting for the Faroe Islands) and Iceland will attempt to resolve the issue at talks in Reykjavik.

Tell the bog trotters, whalers and cod botherers where to go, and that is not Rockall.

More from the late and much missed incomparable Rockall Times

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September 25, 2007

Andrew Robathan MP - Prick

Andrew Robathan MP is getting shafted by the comments on his blog after embedding a picture from another server - which has been tweaked!


Click on the coin picture and you'll see that it says "Vote Labour" in the shadow.

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The European Brown Takeover

Michael Gove - Times Online

There is one way in which Britain has become much more European in the past year or two that has nothing to do with either the EU constitution being smuggled back or the goal tally in the Premier League. It’s shoes; men’s shoes.

It’s now positively fashionable to wear brown leather shoes with business suits. Until a few years ago that was a style tic restricted to Mediterranean countries.

I must say I think brown leather much more handsome than black. But I suspect that most people think this continental trend is a lowering of standards. I’d be interested to be proved wrong.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, it is just plain wrong - even the Germans know the rules: Die Engländer, den Irrungen und Wirrungen schnelllebiger Trends seit je abhold, sagen nach wie vor: "no brown in town" und "no brown after six".

And talking of which I'm in London on Thursday with no appointment for lunch - suggestions please..

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Olympics need money

Prague has entered the race to hold the 2016 Olympics - I note from their webpage they are following the same advice our budgeters did - in fact I think this may be verbatim what Seb Coe said....

Olympics need money…. | Olympic Prague

Costs of Olympic Games be about most disscusted questions during negotiations ( virtually only discussed questions).

Study PWC he will have it, do you economically profitable sideline. With deeply questions however creep argue namely at the first in level argumentation. Process setting and during take into account possibility compiler those information study it is impossible impeachment data, which study PWC offers. Purposes those parts be merely refer to no-which „ inadequacies” during argumentation, no assert, do you study doesn’t speak truth. Is however diaeresis go out of what do you data PWC are theoretic calculate, estimates, hypothesis. To the 1st predictable Olympic data station (year 2016) pass however much years, during which man state much dont predectable. How much us will in the end Olympic Games state is in stars.
Study felt with generation gain, slop load and decree have be 3:4, rise tax decree, GDP. Study nevertheless nezminuje about deficit verejnych revenue office, that is of most already today.
Study present lump nekvantifikovatelnych prinosu for Prague. We have to but query, whether nappa. deep departure young families to the satellite towns is positive, and whether really build-up stadiums man hamper. Or nappa. what is the meaning of „ clear leader position among mesa in middleeuropean region”?
Study felt with half share private sector on financing Olympic Games. Will but have investor focus? Olympic Games reputedly namely isn’t so much revenue office interesting

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Our Rights, going to the highest bidder.

Magna Carta Is Going on the Auction Block - New York Times
The faded letters in Latin are unreadable in places. Something that looks like a scraggly, russet-colored tail hangs from the bottom.
It is the document that laid the foundation for fundamental principles of English law. Angry colonists complained long before the Boston Tea Party that King George III had violated it. The men who drafted the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights borrowed from it.
It is Magna Carta, agreed to by King John of England in 1215 and revised and reaffirmed through the 13th century. The tail dangling off the page is a royal seal.

And it is about to go on sale....

“This is surprising,” said Lewis L. Neilson Jr., the chancellor of the National Society Magna Charta Dames and Barons, a nonprofit group in Philadelphia that promotes awareness of Magna Carta, the literal translation of which is “Great Paper.” “It provides a real rallying point for emphasizing the importance of individual liberty and the rule of law, and it will be curious to see what happens to it and who’s interested in purchasing it and what they do with it.”

Well it wont be our masters in Brussels or Westminster for a start, those concepts are anathema to them and our historic rights an embarrassment that need to be "tidied up" as quickly as possible.

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The Unsinkable Gordon Brown

Second case of bluetongue as hobby farmers face foot-and-mouth backlash - Times Online

Hobby farmers failing to check their stock were held responsible for the resurgence of foot-and-mouth disease in Surrey by trading standards officers last night....

The veterinary report suggests that the disease may have been missed because symptoms appeared in only a small number of animals, rather than affecting the whole herd, and this had not suggested an outbreak of foot-and-mouth. The report also says that there had been “insufficient examination of cattle” by their keepers.

The precise source for the spread of the disease from the original Surrey outbreak has not been identified but the strongest contender is thought to be via infected lorries from the Pirbright scientific laboratories, from where the live virus originally leaked, or infected farm vehicles or equipment. Transmission by wild deer, boar or birds are also remote possibilities.

The report makes uncomfortable reading for the Government because if tests had been conducted throughout Surrey and on high-risk hobby farms before Britain was declared disease-free, the resurgence of the virus would not have occurred.

Debbie Reynolds - was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress following her performance in The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Debby Reynolds is the Chief Veterinary Officer who will be rewarded for her performance in The Unsinkable Gordon Brown by not allowing a Blairite panic over foot and mouth to ruin his choices for election dates.

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In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king

Gordon Brown sets out stall for Middle Britain - Times Online

He's a real nowhere Man,
Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
Making all his nowhere plans
for nobody.

Doesn't have a point of view,
Knows not where he's going to,
Isn't he a bit like you and me?
Nowhere Man, please listen,
You don't know what you're missing,
Nowhere Man, the world is at your command.

He's as blind as he can be,
Just sees what he wants to see,
Nowhere Man can you see me at all?
Doesn't have a point of view,
Knows not where he's going to,
Isn't he a bit like you and me?
Nowhere Man, don't worry,
Take your time, don't hurry,
Leave it all till somebody else
lend you a hand.

He's a real Nowhere Man,
Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
Making all his nowhere plans
for nobody

(Note to self - reuse this post for Dave Cameron at the Tory conference)

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September 24, 2007

More on NZ temperature trends

Compilations of New Zealand land historical temperature trends by various groups, an overview

"the future is known, it is the past that changes".

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Freedom is was a car

Drivers under siege from the council that hates cars - Times Online
Freedom is a sports car — or at least that was the definition of freedom when Zoran Jokic was a boy in Tito’s communist Yugoslavia. “Growing up, we didn’t have many freedoms. A car meant so much to me — space, room to breathe.”

Today, Jokic, who runs a delicatessen in the London borough of Richmond upon Thames, at last has a sports car, although he fears it may not be for much longer.

The Liberal Democrat-controlled council in the leafy borough has positioned itself at the vanguard of the new green movement by leading the nation in a drive to tax the drivers of bigger cars off the streets with hefty parking charges, replacing some parking bays with double yellow lines and scrubbing parking spaces and garages from the designs of new apartment and office complexes.

The Liberal Democrat council leaders see themselves as environmental visionaries, although many of their constituents don’t share their vision. Sitting with an espresso and looking out of the window of his shop on Crown Road, Jokic, 42, shakes his head.

“I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but now I live in a borough that takes away another little freedom every day. In this country we are cramped by people and cramped by legislation.

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Strangled by red tartan tape

Scotsman.com News - Scotland - Too much red tape hampering our economic potential - Mathewson

RED tape is holding Scotland's economy back, according to the man heading a team of experts charged with reviving the country's economy.

Speaking for the first time in his role as chairman of the new group, Sir George Mathewson, the former head of the Royal Bank of Scotland, said bureaucracy was the main reason growth in Scotland lagged behind the rest of the UK.

He caused a storm during the election by speaking in favour of the SNP and yesterday he said there was no reason Scotland should not be independent.

He said corporation tax, which is currently reserved to Westminster, is "worth examining". The tax is lower in Ireland and there have been calls for Scotland to be able to lower rates to attract business.

I'm not sure why this is seen as a Scottish problem, unless the SNP send out even more forms than Her Majesty does down here - it is a British problem and causes people like me not to bother to grow businesses. But if they want business to grow north of the wall cut some taxes and see what happens!

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The Cost of Rail

Scotsman.com News - Scotland - Costs going like a runaway train...

THE costs of major new rail projects across Scotland have spiralled by tens of millions of pounds, with some planned routes poised to become the most expensive, mile for mile, in the whole of Britain, The Scotsman has learned.

Three projects designed to improve the network are in danger of running up to £90 million over budget and could become the "rail equivalent of the Holyrood building project", sources have warned.....

the Stirling-Alloa-Kincardine line: it is likely to cost three times its original estimate and open nearly two and a half years late.

Its cost is believed to have risen to about £95 million - that is some £10 million more than in June and well above the figure of £65-70 million being quoted a year ago.

Sources have told The Scotsman it could now hit £100 million, making the 13-mile route one of Britain's most expensive, mile for mile.....

HERE we go again. Just when the long-suffering public thought that it had seen, in the shape of the Miralles-formed Holyrood building, the last of the great spending overruns, here come a whole lot more.

Taxpayers will be baffled, not to say frustrated and angry, that the pattern seems to be repeated over and over again.

First, an estimate, perhaps given by a politician anxious to avoid scaring off the voters - as was the case with the proposed Scottish Parliament. Then, as the date for the beginning of the project nears, a new estimate. And, as it progresses, the estimates climb ever higher. How can this possibly continue to happen? And is it just a Scottish or, indeed, British phenomenon?

No it is a world wide phenomenon, when you let the baby kissers loose in your wallet this is what you get - see They Meant Well, Government Project Disasters for more. And of course as I point out below rail is a failed 19th century technology for a 21st century problem - concrete them over!

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September 23, 2007


Blognor Regis: Paved with gold

The argument that the "oppressed" "motorist" is the one being forced to cough up in order to the Government's largesse is simple to default. The bald fact is that car drivers don't even pay their own way, let alone fund a surplus that can be hosed at outreach workers for gay whales.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear - Poor old Blognor has got all caught up in the romance of steam - the simple facts are that "The net tax revenue per lane-mile for the Motorway and Trunk Road network has the range £(275-360) thousand per year. In contrast the 20,000 miles of rail track is being subsidised to perhaps £5 billion per year or at the rate of £250 thousand per track-mile... Very much against public and political sentiment roads managed to avoid congestion would offer 3 to 4 times the capacity to move freight and people at one quarter the cost of rail while using 20% to 25% less energy and reducing casualty costs suffered by rail passengers by a factor of 2.

The problem with the proposition is that (a) it is so very much against expectation (b) the numbers are so overwhelming as to inspire disbelief rather than belief (c) few people have ever seen a motor road managed to avoid congestion - the UK road network is (with the exception of motorways and some modern single carriageways) a collection of access roads never designed for motor traffic (d) rail is so romantic.

And to say nothing about push bike riders who pay nothing towards Her Majesty's Highways....

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More Blog Censorship

Mr FM reminds me to test the Great Firewall of China

I'm blocked, and all I wanted was 16, 42 with extra rice and a Tsingtao to go....

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Cherrypicking the news

In other news today,Iain Dale says 'being religious is not a disease'. Well that's a relief then to the Archbishop of Canterbury

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The rest is silence. "Hamlet", Act 5 scene 2

Marcel Marceau, French mime artist, dies - Telegraph

Marcel Marceau, the French mime artist who portrayed white faced Bip the Clown, has died at the age of 84.

Marceau, who helped return silent acting to popularity after World War II, died yesterday evening surrounded by his family.

Well tell us then, what were his last words?

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The Bluetongue Curse of Climate Change

Bluetongue outbreak hits Suffolk farm - Telegraph

British scientists said recently that it was only a matter of time before bluetongue came to Britain and it had been described as the "new nightmare" for farmers.

Originally from Africa, the virus has taken advantage of rising temperatures to spread north, moving via Gibraltar, through Spain to devastate farms across Germany, France, Belgium and Holland, carried on the wind by midges


BTV has long been a problem globally, particularly in Africa and southern Europe, existing in a broad band from about 40 degrees north to about 35 degrees south. In recent years it has spread further north in Europe. The reason is thought to be related to climate change, allowing midges carrying the virus to survive in more northerly latitudes. In the last five years outbreaks have occurred, reaching 44 degrees north. That is some 800km further north than previously recorded.
As everyone in Scotland knows, midges are not confined to southern climes. What is particularly worrying is that the midge species in the affected areas, Culicoides imicola, can pass the virus on to other types of midge, such as the Culicoides obsoletus group and Culicoides pulicaris. Whether, if given the opportunity, the virus could also be passed on to the common biting midge of Scotland, Culicoides impuctatus, must be a matter of concern.

This is the disease the shepherds I know have been fearing, much more than F&M - but I worry to see Climate Change glibly blamed by the media. The situation is more complex. The virus has been restricted to areas very high summer temperatures, where an epidemic could occur, but generally lead to extinction during the (cold) winter. The wet spring of 2006, which was followed by an extremely long warm period in summer may have contributed to a higher than usual midge abundance and to a higher risk of BTV transmission. as the research says

It isn't just Scotland but even the arctic is famed for its midges so they are hardy little buggers. There have been large changes in our insect control measures and the farming landscape over the last few years. And not even the most ardent AGW scientist believes we have moved our climate 800km south, more like 100km is the highest estimate I have seen. The extreme weather may have helped last year, but is that climate change?

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September 22, 2007

Iain Dale's Top Bloggers List

Political blogs: Why the internet frightens politicians - Telegraph

A readers' pick of the British political blogs

Right of centre
Iain Dale's Diary (iaindale.blogspot.com)
Guido Fawkes (order-order.com)
Dizzy Thinks (dizzythinks.net)
Conservative Home (conservativehome.com)
Devil's Kitchen (devilskitchen.me.uk)

Left of centre
Recess Monkey (recessmonkey.com)
Harry's Place (hurryupharry.bloghouse.net)
Tom Watson MP (tom-watson.co.uk)
Bob Piper (bobpiper.co.uk)
Phil Dilks (fairdealphil.blogspot.com)

Lib Dem
Norfolk Blogger (norfolkblogger.blogspot.com)
Liberal England (liberalengland.blogspot.com)
LibDem Voice (libdemvoice.org)
Stephen Tall (oxfordliberal.blogspot.com)
Quaequam (theliberati.net/quaequamblog)

Political betting (politicalbetting.com)
NHS Blog Doctor (tinyurl.com/lv7nv)
Slugger O'Toole (sluggerotoole.com)
Pickled Politics (pickledpolitics.com)
Craig Murray (craigmurray.co.uk)

  • Compiled from a poll of readers at Iain Dale's Diary.
    Source: Iain Dale's Guide to Political Blogging 2007
  • (URLs corrected - but until Fast Hosts get their act together at least two are unavailable.)

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    Do you know where you're going to?

    Do you know where you're going to?
    Do you like the things that life is showing you
    Where are you going to?
    Do you know...?

    Highway Agency rolls out new services to road users

    In August message signs were switched on across England giving information on motorways about drivers' time distance from, and delays around, major junctions. Automatic number plate recognition cameras send encrypted data over a wide area network, feeding a Serco bespoke journey-time tool.

    Message composition software then sends messages to 300 signs, which are updated every five minutes.

    I wondered how those spiffy new signs worked, I didn't realise they are actually tracking individual cars ... all for our own good of course.

    Do you get
    What you're hoping for
    When you look behind you
    There's no open door
    What are you hoping for?
    Do you know...?

    H/t Dennis Ambler

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    Full of sound and fury; signifying nothing.

    The mouse that roared: Tiny Dorset village votes for poll on EU treaty | the Daily Mail

    Using a little-known part of the law, they held a parish poll asking the 339 residents: "Do you want a referendum on the EU Constitutional Treaty?"

    The answer was a resounding Yes. Ninety per cent of voters supported the idea of a referendum, while just ten per cent were against.

    Another reason why Gordon will go for an early election - put ratification in the manifesto and the whole question goes away as it is swept along with all the other reasons for voting. For those of us awake it then becomes Gordon and no referendum or Dave and a referendum....

    Gordon Brown 'would win election landslide' - Telegraph...a new Telegraph poll today showing he is on course for a landslide majority if he called an early general election.

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    New Zealand, Let's get real here!

    Climate Audit - by Steve McIntyre has been looking into the curious case of NZ temperature records. Strangely the global record compiled by NASA, which is the one everyone refers to hasn't been updated from NZ since 1988.

    But the figures that they do use are, for Wellington as an example, the ones in Red in this graph - the Black ones are the raw data.


    You will note that the "official" temperature has been adjusted downwards for the earlier years, which then gives a nice warming trend. Temperatures are adjusted downwards to compensate for the UHI - Urban Heat Island - effect. In the middle of the town it is warmer than the countryside , and the bigger the town the warmer it is. So the only logical explanation is that Wellington has been shrinking in size as the UHI effect lessens, and presumably disappeared in 1988. What other explanation could there be for this adjustment as all the other long term records from New Zealand show the same pattern as Wellington? Shame it was a lovely city as I remember it from the 1970s, and you would have thought it would have been on the news, wouldn't you.

    All I can see is that the few remaining New Zealanders are being mulcted to save the planet:
    Climate bill will lift power and fuel prices - 21 Sep 2007 - NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

    Households will pay up to 10 per cent more for electricity and 6c a litre more for petrol to reduce New Zealand's contribution to global warming.....

    Climate Change Minister David Parker said: "Let's get real here. Four cents a litre in a couple of years to get climate change? What a deal!"


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    September 21, 2007

    Amateur Night at the Server Farm

    Our web hosting customers never experience slow-down or service interruptions.

    Tell that to Boris! (Oh and yes, I do know what I am talking about when it comes to running a secure server bunker..)

    Boris website down after legal row | New media | MediaGuardian.co.uk
    Mr Johnson's site, www.boris-johnson.com, was also disabled because it is hosted by the same company, Fasthosts Internet Ltd, although the Tory London mayoral candidate had not himself written about Mr Usmanov.

    Mr Johnson hit out at the closure of his website, calling it "a serious erosion of free speech".

    "This is London, not Uzbekistan," the former Spectator editor and MP for Henley-on-Thames said.

    "It is unbelievable that a website can be wiped out on the say-so of some tycoon.

    "We live in a world where internet communication is increasingly vital, and this is a serious erosion of free speech."

    Fasthosts Internet confirmed that Mr Johnson's site was disabled as part of a clampdown on a separate web address.
    ......the unfortunate result being the possible downtime of other unrelated websites ... of which we understand boris-johnson.com was one."

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    Spanky lesbian pixie wenches vs Al Gore, your choice.

    don't set fire to your jacket: on climate change:

    ..we cannot make sensible predictions about the future of the climate based on the science we have. All we can do is study a few aspects that we are unable to tell whether they will be important to the issue. Theories of man made climate change are therefore, whatever they are, not scientific. We have the observation and theory but no way, at present, to test these theories. ACC is not proven and to say that "there is a consensus" on the issue simply falls back into the nonrational category, it can't be falsified or verified. To take severe actions on this basis is no better than blindly following God's word.

    What to do then? Well take my advice and start praying hard to the spanky lesbian pixie wenches, it will no less good and a lot less harm.

    Now that is talking sense!

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    The Vultures pick the bones clean

    Crackdown on 7-year inheritance tax gift rule - Telegraph
    Now HM Revenue & Customs has announced a thorough investigation into how people use the seven-year gift rule — which is intended to stop families avoiding the tax — in an attempt to raise hundreds of millions of pounds more.

    Any gift made seven years before a person's death is not subject to inheritance tax, but money given within seven years may be taxed at 40 per cent.

    The authorities are trawling through financial information such as bank statements and pension plans, to make sure any gifts made during the seven years before the donor's death have been accurately declared. If families fail to complete paperwork accurately they could be fined.

    This has alarmed tax experts and campaigners who have criticised Mr Brown for not raising the £300,000 inheritance tax threshold in line with soaring property prices.

    Philip Hammond, the shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, said: "Since 1997 under Gordon Brown, the number of families paying inheritance tax has doubled. But not content with this, HMRC are now going to go through old records to see if they can squeeze yet more tax out of bereaved families.

    "This is one more example of the Revenue tightening the screws on the taxpayer to feed Gordon Brown's insatiable appetite for cash."

    Inheritance tax only hits the prudent Middle Class, the rich have schemes
    Lord Forte leaves slim pickings - Telegraph
    Lord Forte, who made a multi-million pound fortune creating the Forte hotels group, left just £80,150 in his will, - clever man. It is tax on already taxed savings, it is unfair and must go.

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    Sir Menzies vows to 'rattle the political cage' - Telegraph
    Vowing to “rattle the cage” of British politics and shatter the “cosy consensus” of Labour and the Tories, the 66-year-old Lib Dem leader insisted that his age was an advantage.

    Unfortunate image - what do you rattle the bars of a cage with? Yup, a walking stick.....

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    Shoot'em up Day

    Scotsman.com News - Latest News - Alberta wants kids to get hunting

    The citizens of Alberta just aren't going after big game at the pace they once did, according to the government of the western Canadian province, but a remedy is in the works.

    The province has designated September 22 as its first "Hunting Day," an attempt to lure the video-game generation off the couch and into the great outdoors.

    Ted Morton, the province's Minister of Sustainable Resource Development -- and an avid hunter -- said a generation is being lost to television, computers and shopping malls.

    "Hunting is more fun (than video games) and a lot healthier," he said.

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    Catherine Zeta Jones and a Donkey - Shock Picture


    File under Telegraph Watch - she might have an "s" on the end of her name but there is only one of her, and once my bleary eyes cleared it seems the Donkey is unconnected to her surprise or face...

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    Tim Ireland has gone up the Arsenal

    Chicken Yoghurt » Public Service Announcement
    Tim Ireland’s Bloggerheads site is currently down after his webhost pulled the plug.....Craig Murray and Tim Ireland made blog posts concerning Alisher Usmanov. It is these blog posts that were objected to by Usmanov’s lawyers.

    Boris Johnson, Bob Piper and Clive Summerfield have lost their sites for the simple reason that they were hosted on the the same server as Craig’s and Tim’s sites and went the same way when the plug was pulled. They are NOT associated with the dispute with Alisher Usmanov in any way.

    Take it as read that I'm outraged as any other about this - it is bad enough that blogs are silenced after making allegations, when the blogs firstly allow full right of reply and secondly remove the material objected to. But then for the host to pull the plug on other sites - or have they handed over the box? - is simply indefensible. And when one of the blogs is that of a campaigning MP and candidate in a election m'learned friends ought to get involved on the other side to cry political interference.

    Don't expect Freedom of Speech over here in this benighted corner of the EU, which is why I'm proud to remind everyone that this site is hosted and published in the USA.

    As AOL reports Mssrs Google still have the Bloggerhead post in their cache so are Schillings going to chase them a well? And The Times still carries the story, why not them? It wouldn't be they are just picking on the little guys, would it? As AOL says "for all their claims that Murray is libeling their client, Schillings has not actually sued Murray for libel. They have told anyone who will listen that Murray's book, Murder at Samarkand, is defamatory against Usmanov, but it's been out for more than a year, and they have never taken any legal action against Murray. Instead, they seem more focused on getting any mention of Murray and his allegations against Usmanov removed from the web -- and as the Streisand Effect teaches us, that's pretty much impossible.

    If Murray's goal was to make Usmanov look like a thug, then mission accomplished, and it may be why the remaining Arsenal board members are redoubling their efforts to prevent Usmanov from taking over the club. If Murray ever finds his way back to the Internet, this story could get even nastier. Let's just hope nobody finds any polonium-210 in their soup because of this.

    UPDATE - Wonko has more

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    September 20, 2007

    BBC Bans Konnie Huq's Pussy

    Socks, the Blue Peter cat who could cost BBC staff their jobs - Times Online
    The television programme Blue Peter was accused yesterday of deceiving children for the second time in a year as the BBC removed staff blamed for a series of phone-in scandals that have damaged its credibility with the public.

    A former producer on the children’s show, Britain’s longest-running, has been suspended after it emerged that production staff had ignored the result of a viewer poll to choose a name for the Blue Peter cat last year.

    Socks was the name chosen for the Blue Peter cat by the programme’s producers, although insiders said that the decision was taken because the most common name selected – a variant on Puss – was deemed to be inappropriate.

    Oh, even The Times has come over all coy, let me guess what what word came to mind, oh I already have....

    (Picture - Public Domain)

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    The Power of Love

    Scotsman.com News - Minister forced to sell £30,000 of shares over 'conflict of interest'

    A GOVERNMENT Scottish Executive minister announced last night that he was to sell his major shareholding in an energy company after facing allegations of a conflict of interest. Stewart Stevenson, the minister responsible for drawing up Scotland's targets on renewable energy, owns £30,000 of shares in ScottishPower - a company with major interests in that area.

    The Scotsman approached Mr Stevenson with questions about whether his shareholding breached the ministerial code of conduct. The SNP government spent most of yesterday rejecting any suggestion of a conflict of interest and defending Mr Stevenson's right to continue holding the shares while dealing with ScottishPower as the transport and climate-change minister.

    And he was all hurt and upset that the public might have an unfair perception of his having an "interest" - arrogant twat.

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    Re Hayne’s case (1614) 77 ER 1389

    Alan Johnson to make everyone organ donors - Telegraph

    Everyone will automatically have their organs taken for transplant unless they have registered their objections under plans being considered by the Government, it will be announced today.

    The systematic and prolonged campaign to take away private property rights to our land, our investments, our homes obviously culminates in the state seizure of our corpses. Whilst long standing common law prevents anyone actually owning a dead body, our heirs have a right to possession of it in most cases, but hey, if the sawbones want to hack a bit off it then if this government going to stand in the way?

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    September 19, 2007

    School Vouchers Work

    Captain's Quarters

    ....a new study in the Journal of Public Economics, which analyzed the effect of a school voucher system in Milwaukee. Not only did privatization improve the education of childred redirected from the public school system, it also forced the public schools to improve to remain competitive:

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    Oh Ahhhhh my Hearties

    FREE MARKET FAIRY TALES: Well it is Talk Like A Pirate Day !

    I'm off out with Mr FM today to the range, should I be worried? Oh Arrrrrrrrr.

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    The best argument ever for Scottish Independence

    Scotsman.com News - Independent Scotland would have to apply to join EU

    AN INDEPENDENT Scotland would be forced to apply to become a member of the European Union, a senior official said last night....

    Joe Borg, the fisheries commissioner, has broken ranks to say unequivocally that in his view, an independent Scotland would remain outside the EU until it had completed the formal application process - in the same way as Eastern European states have done in recent years.

    That application process would be much easier than for the new accession states because Scotland has been in the EU for 30 years, but it would probably take months, maybe even years, to complete, with all the other member states having to approve the country's membership before it could join.

    In an interview with The Scotsman, Mr Borg said: "On the issue concerning Scotland's independence, that's not my competence to assess or to evaluate but if, for one moment, we were to assume that Scotland gained independence and therefore is eligible as a new member state for the European Union, I would see that, legally speaking, the continuation of the membership would remain with the rest of the UK - less Scotland. And, therefore, Scotland, as a newly independent state, would have to apply for membership."

    Mr Borg's remarks run completely against assumptions the SNP has been making for years and contradict statements from both Mr Salmond and his enterprise minister, Jim Mather.
    This year, Mr Mather said: "We are an incumbent member state - what about England having to re-apply?"

    Sauce for the goose etc, if Scotland left the Union then the union is broken and England's status changes just as much (which is why we should have a say as well.) So please, let us be chucked out and have to reapply!

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    Bet early, bet often

    politicalbetting.com サ Blog Archive サ Massive ICM blow for Cameron and the Tories....
    my first action before starting this piece was to open up my Spreadfair account and buy Labour at the 310 seat level on the general election spread market. The latest Guardian ICM poll is out and shows Labour with their biggest lead from the pollster since September 2005 three months before David Cameron became leader.

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    September 18, 2007

    GM - bring it on

    Britain losing out on GM crops, says expert - Telegraph

    A senior Government agriculture advisor has warned Britain would miss out on important advances if it did not sanction the growing of genetically-modified crops.

    Professor Sir Howard Dalton, chief scientific advisor to the Department for the Environment, told the Daily Telegraph that developing GM produce would bring enormous environmental benefits.

    He spoke out after a Government source reignited the whole debate by saying that the introduction of GM crops was not a question of "whether" but "how".

    With food prices rocketing, with the increasing demand for bio-fuels, with the perceived need for crops for our changing climate, of course we need to grow them. We have all been eating them for years now, millions of acres of them are growing round the world and as far as I can see there has only been one major problem caused by them.

    It is that we have to put up with old Fatty Baron Melchett, heir to the ICI fortune, banging on again about how bad chemicals are for ordinary mortals

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    Scotch Campaign to Repeal Ohm's Law

    Scotsman.com News - Scotland - 30,000 reasons why new green power charges must be dropped for good
    THE Scotsman today joins the growing campaign against plans to introduce crippling new charges that threaten Scotland's renewable power industry.

    Energy watchdog Ofgem is considering the charges for wind and tidal energy schemes in the Highlands and Islands - where the wind and tides are stronger than almost anywhere else in Europe.

    Such a decision would hamper the fight against climate change and jeopardise 30,000 potential jobs.
    But a proposal that Ofgem has previously said it was "minded to" approve would put all that at risk, by significantly increasing charges for a connection to the national grid for renewable schemes far from population centres.
    On Thursday, the First Minister, Alex Salmond, will meet the energy watchdog to discuss what energy minister Jim Mather described as "the potential implications of the punitive charging regime on Scotland's legitimate aspirations".

    The outcome of this meeting will be crucial for Scotland, according to Jason Ormiston, chief executive of Scottish Renewables. "Scotland does have significant potential if you think of wave and tidal and the windiest parts of Britain tend to be around the north and west," he says.

    "But these are the places where these high transmission charges are being imposed. There will be good projects that are knocked back in the north of Scotland and more generation taking place in the south of England, more conventional generation and more carbon emissions."

    In the north-west and islands of Scotland, the wind blows often enough for wind turbines to produce energy for more than half the time. In England, this figure can be below 20 per cent.

    The Ofgem proposal would introduce a system that makes generators pay for the loss of electricity - in the form of heat - as it passes along cables. ..
    According to Ofgem, these losses cost about £260 million a year and create 680,000 tonnes of extra carbon emissions annually, because the lost electricity is replaced by power largely generated from carbon-emitting means. Ofgem says the new charging structure would reduce emissions by 150,000 tonnes of carbon a year and save £15 million.

    The longer the cables, the higher the charge. Once this would have made sense, but no longer.

    And why does it not make sense any longer? What laws of physics or the market have changed? Or is it just wishful thinking that the taxpayer ought to further subsidise the producers of electricity out on the rocky crags of the far north, even though all they do with it it is warm up a couple of hundred miles of cable with it. By the time it reaches anywhere with pavements the output of a turbine would barely boil a single kettle, well worth despoiling the lonely wilderness and mulcting the worker for, eh?

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    Not missing you yet!

    A nation divided - Belgium's identity crisis - Telegraph

    Beer, the national dish of "moules et frites" or "mosselen met frieten" and a pervasive cynicism with politicians are all that holds Belgium together after 100 days without government.

    I think the real crisis the politicians have identified is that the country gets along quite fine without them. Just as we do when the politicos take their three month summer break. Lets have more of these breaks.

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    Naval Figureheads

    Australian navy pays for breast enlargements - Telegraph
    The Royal Australian Navy is under pressure to explain why it has spent tens of thousands of pounds paying for female sailors to have breast enlargements.

    Bloody unnatural I call it - in my time before the mast proper sailors didn't take any notice of that sort of nonsense, not with girlies anyway...

    Months locked up on the sea with just your shipmates for company, why wouldn't you want them augmented?

    I note, as I expected that Theo is well ahead of me with this news... funny that.

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    September 17, 2007

    Copperfield Revealed

    The Policeman's Blog

    Monday (17th Sept) at 2030 BST on BBC1 you can watch a programme about the police. It's going to be called "Wasting Police Time" and it features yours truly being interviewed by the great Jeremy Vine about police-type issues. It promises to be the best police programme for some time (apart from World's Wildest Police Chases, obviously).

    Watch the programme and find out all about what it's really like in the police

    And now everyone can call him Stuart....

    Not even the 36-year-old's closest colleagues knew he was responsible for the blog, which was written under the pen-name of PC David Copperfield and has received over one million hits since he started it.

    'Waste of time'

    In his blog Mr Davidson outlined the "madness" of his target-driven duties in a place he called Newtown, which he has now disclosed was Burton-on-Trent.

    Speaking openly for the first time, he told Panorama he was frustrated with bureaucracy and paperwork.

    "The public think that we solve burglaries, the public think that we're actually on patrol accosting thieves and people who are up to no good," he said.

    "But what we actually do is attempt to meet government statistics by solving trivial crime."

    Staffordshire police said analysis showed officers spent 62% of their time out of the station, but it accepted they have to deal with too much bureaucracy and they're working to change it.

    Mr Davidson, who received two commendations during his four years in the force, said about 80% of what he did "was a waste of time".

    "I thought nobody else can be doing things that are so insane," he said.

    "But it transpires that there are thousands and thousands of other police officers out there doing exactly the same kinds of things

    "It depends on the nature of the offence of course, but you arrest somebody and it'll take you the rest of the shift - say eight to 10 hours - to deal with that if it's even remotely complicated."

    Mr Davidson said he was sometimes tempted not to make an arrest because processing it would mean so much time off the street.

    He is quitting the force in Britain to join the police in Canada.

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    Sir Menzies Campbell and the Party faithful to promote zero carbon transport


    BBC NEWS | Politics | UK 'needs carbon neutral target'

    The Lib Dems are calling for Britain to become entirely carbon neutral by 2050 in an "ambitious" attempt to reclaim the green agenda.

    The conference motion says the scientific evidence for climate change is "overwhelming" and that "if decisive action is not taken in the next decade, any prospect of a stable climate may be lost".

    But the Lib Dem leadership is maintaining the party's opposition to nuclear power.

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    The Politics of Envy

    Scotsman.com News - I'll hammer the rich who earn £70,000 or more, declares Ming (salary £60,227)

    SIR Menzies Campbell yesterday pledged to "hammer" households earning more than £70,000 with higher taxes.

    The Liberal Democrat leader said the rich have done "too well" under Labour and agreed the wealthiest 10 per cent should pay more taxes.....

    A YouGov poll commissioned by the party shows that even 77 per cent of Conservative voters believe the gap between rich and poor is "too large" while 92 per cent of both Labour and Lib Dem voters agree. And 64 per cent believe the earnings gap has grown wider over the past decade under Labour.

    The same number believe that the richest people in Britain should pay more tax while 5 per cent are opposed. But even among Conservative voters, there is a clear majority (55 per cent against 39 per cent).

    The vast majority of people believe that wealth is a zero sum game, the rich only become richer at the expense of the poor, combine that with envy and you have the nasty poisonous ideas that have caused the economy to be mired in the past.

    (It takes about two minutes to show twelve year olds that wealth isn't a zero sum game; scribble a picture, sell it to the kid for 5p, you are now 5p richer, he has a painting worth 5p so isn't any poorer etc. Wealth is like laughter, you can create it, increase it by passing it round but hoarding it destroys it.

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    Speed Cameras GIGO

    Justification for speed cameras 'flawed' - Telegraph

    The speed camera programme has been thrown into disarray after the Government admitted its casualty calculations could be flawed.

    The Department for Transport (DfT) justifies the use of more than 6,000 cameras across the country on the grounds that they cut road deaths and serious injuries.

    But now these figures have been called into question and critics say this could undermine the entire programme, which brings in more than £100 million in fines every year.

    In what speed camera critics are describing as an embarrassing about-turn, the DfT is to re-evaluate the way it works out the number of serious injuries reported on the roads.

    It had relied on the figures gathered by police rather than hospital admissions but the discrepancy between the two has forced officials to look again.

    According to the police, the number of serious injuries between 1996 and 2004 fell from 79.7 per 100,000 to 54. The corresponding figures from hospitals showed a rise from 88.8 to 90.1.

    Whitehall had insisted the police figures were robust and that there was no need to use the hospital data.

    ..A police officer has to make a judgement, often without knowing the extent of the injuries or whether the victim was admitted to hospital. However, the hospital figures are based on whether a doctor has decided to admit an individual...

    But later this month the DfT will publish its findings on whether it should use hospital admissions figures as a basis for future policy.

    "We have put our entire road safety programme into a box marked speed cameras," said Kevin Delaney, the Metropolitan Police's former head of traffic.

    "The figures were the justification for the policy and if they are called into doubt the whole thing is undermined."

    So the figures are all made up by the Rozzers who guess how many were injured, and their funding depends on how many they guess....

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    September 16, 2007

    Last Days of Summer

    Isle of Wight in the distance today...

    And why shouldn't I have a pair of Camo Crocs??

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    Takes me back

    Fans get it on for T Rex singer Marc Bolan - Telegraph

    A series of events is taking place this weekend to mark the 30th anniversary of the death of glam-rocker Marc Bolan.

    The T Rex frontman was killed in a car crash on September 16, 1977, just weeks away from his 30th birthday.

    Now there's one you didn't know, and as I pack for a day at the beach appropriate lyrics:

    Take me down to the country honey,
    Take me down to the country honey,
    In a jeep that's sweet,
    In a jeep that's neat,
    Take me down to the country honey.

    Take me down to the sea-side baby,
    Take me down to the sea-side baby,
    In a jeep that's neat,
    In a jeep that's sweet,
    Take me down to the country honey.

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    I'm going to keep shouting at you until you listen

    Ignorance about food 'staggering' - Telegraph

    Four out of 10 people do not know that fat and sugar can be bad for them, government research has shown.

    Figures from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) show that 42 per cent of people do not know that foods high in fat and sugar should only be eaten occasionally.

    One in five people believe that if they eat enough fruit and vegetables it will counteract any harm done by unhealthy foods.

    Almost as many think they can eat as much fat and sugar as they like, as long as they exercise.

    Oh I wish they had asked me! I love confusing survey companies. But what we have here is Dr Bean Sprout complaining that after "decades" of giving out health advice the great British public has shut its ears to him and is giving him a good ignoring. So his answer - more and louder hectoring!

    "Today the FSA launches an "eatwell" plate which shows the proportions of different food groups that should be eaten in a single meal.

    It shows that fruit and vegetables should make up one third of a meal, with another third devoted to starches such as potatoes, rice and pasta.

    Milk and dairy should constitute 15 per cent of the plate, meat and fish 12 per cent, while fat and sugar combined should make up just eight per cent of a healthy meal."

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    Internet handshake extends the human touch - Telegraph
    Scientists have developed a means of shaking hands across continents by using the internet to transmit such properties as grip, movement, even skin texture.

    Scientists have developed a means of shaking hands across continents. Using the internet, the new technology can transmit such properties as grip, movement, even skin texture - everything, in fact, but actual physical contact.

    A device that allows computer users to "feel" things online means that old friends thousands of miles apart could shake hands for the first time in years, a mother could soothe her child's troubled brow from miles away or even send a kiss via the web.

    Yep, it will be a winner, but not for the sweet reasons above. The only adage worth listening to when predicting technology is "Follow the Porn".

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    September 15, 2007

    Nuts to Soup

    Not Soup to nuts

    My thumbs are as black as a witch's tit from shelling the first of this year's walnuts. Lunch was Jane Grigson's Walnut soup -

    6 oz Walnuts and a large clove of garlic whizzed to a purée in a bit of chicken stock, sieve to get rid of any lumps of wood. Make up to a couple of pints with more stock and a short boil, it should be single cream consistency, if not a bit of cornflour to thicken it. Add a quarter of a pint of double cream, season with S&P as required and serve with crusty bread. Yum

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    Facts, Mr Gradgrind, facts!

    ‘Children need freedom and chaos, not tests, ticks, and smiley faces’ review | Children's Books - Times Online
    ...Rosen is a vociferous opponent of current education policy, which he describes variously as loony, disastrous and backward; “teachers are treated like squaddies”, children fare even worse. One of his poems, in an anthology called No Breathing in Class, is about a teacher who is so strict that she bans breathing.

    There had been “this extraordinary shift in the past ten years: you don’t talk about teaching and learning, you talk about management”...

    As the children get older, many schools say they don’t have time to read “whole” books.

    “What is the point if you never learn about outcome? The reason why you read novels or stories is in great part because you want to see whether the baddie gets their comeuppance, whether the girl gets their boy, why their dad lied to them. It’s crucial to it.

    “If all you do is just look at a page and then answer five questions about adjectives and clauses or whatever, it denies what any of us are in the business for. Any writer, ever, from Homer onwards.”

    This “completely misleads teachers and children, and from them parents, that the way we respond to stories is about facts”. In doing so, it “curtails the emotional response”.

    At the same time – and Rosen finds this a piquant absurdity – government ministers are calling for emotional literacy, or happiness lessons. Nothing to do with our children’s happiness, he said, only that of adults.

    “All anxieties about children and youth are not about them at all, it’s about our anxieties about our future as adults,” he said.

    “We’re busy screwing up and so we project all that on to children saying, ‘My God, the little beasts don’t say please any more’. ”

    If you let Rosen talk, he quite rapidly takes an idea and runs away with it, expanding into radical reform of education, scrapping “backward” faith schools, rethinking the “19th-century” curriculum, letting children decide what they want to learn. It’s imaginative and possibly hopelessly left-wing.

    Cosy it is not, but it acknowledges the maverick side of children that longs for freedom, not restraint

    A damning indictment of the system, read the rest; but why is wanting to give children freedom to learn and to educate them rather than teach and school them "hopelessly left-wing"?

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    A tale of two Kennet Council Budgets

    Kennet Council Is Preparing For Difficult Times (from The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)

    The council notes conclude that: "There is a very real possibility that reduced resources will prevent the council from operating its services at their current levels, and difficult decisions will have to be made in this regard."

    Unitary Plan Reveals Millions In Savings (from Basingstoke Gazette)

    A DISTRICT council fighting its own abolition has identified millions in savings that will come about as a result of its demise.

    Kennet District Council ...Director of resources Frank Marshall, in a report to the September council, meeting says that corporate finance staff have carried out a review of the capital programme and concluded that spending the majority of the £3.2 million identified would be a waste of money'.

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    Local Hospital Disgrace

    Health Crisis - Horrific And Disturbing Conditions At Hospital (from The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)

    Blood-stained cupboards, dirty bathrooms and neglected patients are just some of the things health watchdog Mary Wilson found on a trip to Great Western Hospital.

    "We heard stories about nurses seeing patients 20 minutes after they had pushed their buttons and one patient even claimed that there was blood all down the bedside table.

    "I spoke to some patients who had asked for blankets and four hours later the nurse threw them at them and told them they'd have to put them on the bed themselves."

    She claimed one patient she met endured almost a five-hour wait to go home after being discharged because doctors hadn't prescribed him with the drugs he needed to continue his treatment at home.

    This is now my nearest hospital, half an hour away if I drive very fast. Only 5 years old, brand new, every gizmo the health professionals wanted, no excuses. It's not the building, its not the lack of resources it is the management of the staff.

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    Council Hoist and Petard comes to mind

    Neil Herron has been victorious in forcing many councils into expensive and embarrassing climbdowns over their parking regimes in England, it seems that motorists are also winning in Scotland.

    Scotsman.com News - Scotland - Council could lose more than £3m in road sign blunder

    A SCOTTISH city council may be forced to write off millions of pounds in parking tickets because of a parking-sign blunder, it was revealed yesterday.

    The massive claw-back in fines is facing Aberdeen City Council after Scotland's parking watchdog ruled that the authority had acted illegally by placing a sign warning motorists about the presence of a parking zone in the wrong place.

    The city council erected notices bearing the words "ticket zone" below no-parking emblems on entrance signs for a controlled parking zone near the city centre. But Peter Royds, the parking adjudicator of the Scottish Parking Appeals Service, has ruled that the signs are unlawful, as the notices can only be legally displayed above the logo.
    Kate Dean, the leader of the administration,.. "I have never heard anything so silly in all my life," she said. "I think this is taking the letter of the law to extremes.
    Ms Dean added: "Parking penalties have never been seen a source of income. They are there as a deterrent to ensure that people do obey the parking rules. But, on the other hand, this is money we would have expected to come into our coffers. And we are not only looking at losing the money, we are also looking at having to change all the signage, another expense."

    Don't you love it, councils run nit-picking schemes where if a wheel is just over the line, or the ticket is displayed in the side window etc and then complain when they are found to be disregarding a simple law. And "they are not a source of income, but the money would have come into the coffers", what is she on? I note she was interviewed in Brussels no doubt suckling on the taxpayers thrupennies.

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    September 14, 2007

    Biofuels "huge mistake" - Friends of the Earth

    Friends of the Earth: Press Releases: OECD warning over biofuels

    Brussels, 11 September 2007 - Friends of the Earth called on the EU to scrap its ten per cent target for using plant-based bio-fuels for transport, after a leaked paper revealed that the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD's has grave concerns about their social and environmental effects.

    Friends of the Earth Biofuels Campaigner, Ed Matthew said:

    "Rushing down the biofuels route will be a huge mistake. The OECD is the latest respected organisation to warn about the social and environmental risks associated with this technology. The EU must abandon its ten per cent biofuels target or risk further destruction and poverty in developing countries.

    Quick, someone 'phone Spliffy and tell him to change tack ASAP

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    The kiddies having been writing policy in green crayon again

    Scotsman.com News - UK - Tories' green plan slated by all sides

    LONG-AWAITED policy proposals from a Tory environment group came under attack from critics as diverse as green campaigners, the aviation industry and even some Conservative members yesterday.

    The Conservatives' "Quality of Life" report was widely criticised, with spending watchdogs warning families would pay more tax and campaigners expressing dismay at a lack of provisions for renewable energy.

    Roger Helmer, a Tory MEP, described the proposals as "half-baked", adding: "The whole approach is anti-Conservative."

    But David Cameron, the Tory leader, hailed the report and insisted many of its proposals would be included in the Conservative Party's next manifesto.

    Mr Cameron also hinted at more taxes for the aviation industry. He said that while flying was a matter of individual choice, aviation was under-taxed. He added: "If you want to be serious about climate change, you have to be serious about aviation."

    Responding to criticism that green taxes were a revenue-raising gimmick, Mr Cameron vowed that the cash would be ring-fenced and offset by a reduction in "family taxes".

    As you know I'm not your man to discuss Pigovian Taxes and how airlines already pay for their CO2 according to Stern, for that you need the world's leading libertarian economic blogger..

    Tim Worstall: Blueprint for a Green Economy

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    Mrs T back where she belongs

    Scotsman.com News - UK - Well, that's one way to woo Tory voters

    GORDON Brown charged deeper into traditional Conservative territory yesterday, warmly welcoming Margaret Thatcher back into 10 Downing Street.

    In a move calculated to enrage David Cameron, the Tory leader, and Labour left-wingers in equal measure, a grinning Mr Brown posed on the steps of No 10 with the woman still regarded as a hate figure by some and worshipped as an icon by others.

    The high-profile visit was the latest in a string of theatrical coups the Prime Minister has staged as he tries to broaden his electoral appeal and erode Mr Cameron's support among traditional Conservatives....

    Mr Cameron's officials last night said he was "very relaxed" at Lady Thatcher's decision to accept Mr Brown's invitation. However, it is understood the Tory leader has not spoken to Lady Thatcher since February, and rumours abound that she is unhappy with the direction the party is taking.

    Lady Thatcher's visit appeared to have divided grassroots Conservatives last night.

    "I think she's telling us what she thinks of Cameron. Good for her," said one contributor to the ConservativeHome website, used by many Tory members.

    Too busy listening to the Green muppets to learn a little statecraft? Says it all.

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    Cooking tonight

    Scotsman.com News - UK - Anyone for roast hedgehog tonight?

    A team of researchers scoured the annals of Britain's culinary history to find the definitive list of the oldest recorded recipes.

    Records show nettle pudding to be the oldest, closely followed by smokey stew, meat pudding, barley bread and roast hedgehog.

    The research revealed stuffed dates and elderberry patina was a familiar feature of Roman meal times. The Romans also introduced the idea of beating eggs to make custards, cakes and fruit breads, with the added flavour of sweet fruits and nuts.

    Favourites such as pancakes and pottage, a thick soup or stew, have survived changing tastes and fashions and still feature on menus today.

    Roasted hedgehog is not the only recipe to have failed the test of time. Others that have disappeared from the British dining table include garum and liquamen, sauces made from fish guts and heads; smokey stew, a combination of bacon and smoked fish; meat pudding, a mix of offal, fat and herbs; barley bread, a form of unleavened bread; and in mitulis, a Roman version of moules marinière.

    Recipes below - I must get the fire started.


    THE grandaddy of haggis, faggots, sausages, black and white pudding. Eaten since Neolithic times (6000 BC), it was a simple mix of meat - mainly offal, some fat, which would have been regarded as a real luxury, and herbs.


    1 sheep's stomach or ox secum, cleaned and thoroughly scalded, turned inside out and soaked overnight in cold, salted water; heart and lungs of one lamb; 450g/1lb beef or lamb trimmings, fat and lean; 2 onions, finely chopped; 225g/8oz oatmeal; 1 tbsp salt; 1 tsp ground black pepper; 1 tsp ground dried coriander; 1 tsp mace; 1 tsp nutmeg; water, enough to cook the haggis; stock from lungs and trimmings


    Wash the lungs, heart and liver (if using). Place in large pan of cold water with the meat trimmings and bring to the boil. Cook for about two hours.

    When cooked, strain off the stock and set the stock aside. Mince the lungs, heart and trimmings. Put the minced mixture in a bowl and add the finely chopped onions, oatmeal and seasoning.

    Mix well and add enough stock to moisten the mixture. It should have a soft crumbly consistency.

    Spoon the mixture into the sheep's stomach, so it's just over half full.

    Sew up the stomach with strong thread and prick a couple of times so it doesn't explode while cooking.

    Put the haggis in a pan of boiling water (enough to cover it) and cook for three hours without a lid. Keep adding more water to keep it covered.

    To serve, cut open the haggis and spoon out the filling."

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    A little less talk

    Unhelpful signs state the blindingly obvious - Telegraph

    An increasing tendency for politicians, corporations and police forces to tell the public everything it never needed to know, has been highlighted by the Plain English Campaign.

    The group said the attitude was that if something was not worth telling once, the "message" clearly required ramming home via a poster campaign or a trite missive on an electronic board....

    He gave the example of a Hertfordshire police poster that is tackling lawlessness by urging would-be felons: Don't Commit Crime.

    The same force has put notices in petrol stations telling motorists: All fuel must be paid for.

    Mr Jenner said he welcomed signs that gave sensible warnings, but claimed many were not only ludicrous but also a waste of time and money.

    "The Don't Commit Crime sign is funny, it makes people laugh. But it's part of a phenomenon we have noticed in recent years - a kind of talking in a vacuum.

    "Such signs and notices are the opposite of gobbledegook. They assume a complete lack of intelligence on the part of the reader. Do not commit crime and pay for your fuel are hardly deterrents to a criminal who has every intention of driving off without paying, and is merely an aggressive reminder to everyone else.

    "The phenomenon comes from a combination of branding and PR spin, combined with the obsession companies have with covering themselves.

    "Nut packets which read 'Warning: contains nuts', or 'Do not use hair dryer in shower' are clearly designed to avoid litigation. But politicians declaring 'We are taking the terrorist threat very seriously', or 'We are committed to improving the health service' is just rhetoric."

    His advice is to say what you need to plainly and simply, then stop. If nothing needs to be said, say nothing.

    I'm still searching for a picture of the sign that solely states


    UPDATE - here it is thanks to Aon - from http://funnysigns.atspace.com/s0001.html


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    My Weekend Reading

    iea ::: institute of economic affairs
    They Meant Well, Government Project Disasters

    How is it that so many major, government-sponsored projects can lose so much money? As the title of this book makes clear, the answer to this question does not lie with malign intentions on behalf of their promoters in government. In a highly readable but detailed account of the history of six major government project failures, D. R. Myddelton shows that failure results from mismanagement, lack of clear lines of responsibility and lack of accountability. These problems have their roots in the wider economic problems of undertaking quasi-commercial ventures in the public, rather than in the private, sector. This results in well-meaning politicians and government officials wasting huge sums of taxpayers' money....

    download full publication | download executive summary

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    September 13, 2007

    The State of Universities in a Nutshell

    They fiddled the figures: do you agree or disagree? | Terence Kealey: Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham - Times Online

    Students like paying fees.. ..students like these fees so much so that applications to English universities rose by 7.2 per cent last year. Fees not only ensure that spending per student rises to a tolerable level; but they also create an expectation that both staff and students will work hard for each other.

    What’s more, the higher the fees the happier the students. The results of the National Student Survey, commissioned by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), published today in The Times Higher Education Supplement, show that the two most popular universities are the Open University and the University of Buckingham. These are the only two British universities that have historically charged realistic fees.

    The only tarnish on the NSS has been the way the government agency HEFCE has presented the results. The survey asked every final year undergraduate 22 questions about everything from the quality of teaching to assessment. On those questions the THES put Buckingham first. Yet that was a problem for the Government because Buckingham is the only university independent of the State.

    The Government produced its own ranking that curiously puts the Open University first. Why should that be? HEFCE did so by conveniently ignoring 21 of the questions. Instead it ranked the universities by answers to only one statement: “Overall I am satisfied with by the quality of my course”. That question came with five possible answers, ranging from “definitely agree” to “definitely disagree”; had HEFCE averaged the responses (as last year) Buckingham would have come top even of that one question. But this year HEFCE condensed all five responses into two broad categories, which put the State-funded Open University first.

    The way the Government uses data has become controversial, which is why ministers have been forced to concede a new independent Statistics Board to reinforce trust in national statistics. But for the THES, the people of Britain might have believed that a state university had come top of the NSS. Independence matters in statistics and newspapers, as in universities.

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    Baby Faces

    Permission to shave, sir? No! - Times Online
    RAF soldiers have been given permission to grow bushy beards for tours of duty in Afghanistan.

    Scottish airmen in Kandahar bear a more than passing resemblance to their wild Pashtun counterparts complete with wavy beards and ferocious moustaches.

    In what is believed to be a first for the RAF, several airmen were asked to grow their facial hair because it is considered a mark of authority in Afghanistan. The men, from RAF Lossiemouth, credited their facial hair with enabling them to command respect from the Afghanistan people.

    Senior personnel also said that their presence had helped significantly to reduce the number of rocket attacks on Kandahar airfield.

    Their success would come as no surprise to the leaders in the American Civil War it is harder to find a picture of a general from the century conflict without a beard than with one. In fact, the beard was once the only universal item in every military organisation across the world.

    From the time of ancient armies until recent memory, the beard was standard issue among soldiers. In modern combat, the act of shaving was set aside mainly for gentleman officers, who regularly shaved even their heads and eyebrows.

    But by the time of the Second World War, armies had banned beards for reasons of uniformity, hygiene, discipline, or tactical demands such as the proper fitting and seal of a gas mask.

    Think of The Thin Red Line and the fearsome bearded Highlanders. It is about time the fighting troops dropped the effete practice of scraping their faces to give themselves girly skin and reclaimed beards from the tree huggers.

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    Falsification of the Climate Record

    JOHN BLUNDELL writing in the Scotsman:Sir Karl Popper argued scientists were not the omniscient mad professors of popular imagination but rivals in a highly competitive market where kudos was often more important than cash. Falsifiability was the test of your colleague competitors - not price as it is in business. There is a crude view often entertained by politicians that mere expenditure equates with virtue.

    - Bishop Hill blog - - Climate cuttings 9
    The action has all been taking place over at Climate Audit, where Steve McIntyre has relented not a jot on the pummelling he has been dishing out to NASA's warmer-in-chief, James Hansen. Having had his faulty work exposed (as outlined in Climate Cuttings 8), Hansen responded with a snarky email to his colleagues saying that it was a storm in a teacup and that perhaps the "lights were not on upstairs" with his critics. He followed up with another, dismissing his critics as "court jesters".

    While the (allegedly) real scientists were engaging in ad-hominems, the amateurs at Climate Audit followed up with further revelations of faulty work from Hansen. The latest batch of errors were found when the site started to raise questions about the way that Hansen combines different versions of the temperature record for a particular station. This appeared peculiar because Hansen was combining records and ending up with an average lower than any of the individual temperatures in the series. Because Hansen has not adhered to the basic scientific standards and released his code, it was necessary to derive what he had done by trial and error - guessing the procedure from the limited explanation in his publications. Eventually it was suggested by a commenter that the solution lay in understanding what Hansen did where the temperature for a particular date was missing from one of the versions. If you and I had this problem we would take the temperature from the other version. It was thought, however, that Hansen was "estimating" it somehow. This obviously represents a corruption of the temperature record, but this is climate science where pretty much anything goes.

    All this speculation clearly made NASA rather nervous, coming so soon after Hansen's earlier error was made public. Out of the blue, Hansen released the code associated with the temperature record, along with the now-customary snark at his critics. The code was quickly found to be something of a shambles (amongst other things it's written in now-obsolete Fortran). A full scale wiki project is planned to get it working and fully understood.

    With the code in place a full summary of the way Hansen's methodology works (at least as far as it is currently understood) was posted by John Goetz, the CA commenter who discovered the importance of the missing records. This makes it clear that, while the effect on the trend for the station could be up or down, it appears that more often than not the effect is to lower earlier temperatures - ie to make the warming trend look artificially high.

    The latest headline about the integrity (or lack of it) of Hansen's work is the revelation today that, unannounced, he has made large changes to the temperature records for the US. This has happened in the last few weeks - since the Y2K errors were revealed last month. From the outside this might be mistaken for an attempt to get the temperature of recent decades up again.

    Either way, it's pretty clear that Hansen's credibility is shot. Can NASA really tolerate this sort of junk science from one of its leading officials any longer? 

    If you haven't been following this story, skipping over the technical calculations as I do, then you are missing a fascinating and important story. Hansen's claims about global warming have multi-billion pound effects on the global economy because of the way Governments, and opposition parties, have seized on them to promote particular policies. That they not based on sound science, in the Popper sense, is a scandal. And it is a handful of bloggers who are exposing this.

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    The wheels on the bus go round and round...

    Tories unveil green 'showroom tax' on cars - Telegraph
    By Toby Helm, Chief Political Correspondent

    Plans for a “showroom tax” on new cars - which would hit 4X4 “gas guzzlers” the hardest - will be unveiled by David Cameron’s “green advisers” this week.
    Tories plan supertax on gas guzzling vehicles - Telegraph
    By Charles Clover, Environment Editor and Toby Helm

    Motorists who buy environmentally unfriendly "gas guzzling" cars would be hit by a new batch of green "supertaxes" that would add thousands of pounds to the final bill under plans to be announced by David Cameron's advisers.

    And I suppose the Torygraph will recycle this story once again once the advice is actually released...

    All you need to know it is supported by Tony Juniper, Zac and Gummer - enuff said

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    September 12, 2007

    State seizure of kids to save them from a double whopper

    Junkfood Science: More fat children seized by the government

    a Freedom of Information investigation of councils in the UK has just uncovered that three more children have been taken away from their parents and put into government care...because they are "too" fat.

    According to a BBC investigation, at least 20 child protection cases this past year have involved a child’s weight. Details on most of these children’s situations and their fates are unavailable.


    But government programs aren’t the only interests behind these actions, which some view as thinly veiled threats to parents to shape up their children or else.

    Dr. Capehorn’s name will be familiar to Junkfood Science readers. The UK press quoted him repeatedly when the young girl was taken from her home by the Cumbria Council earlier this year. He has been proposing that fat children be placed into government custody and taken from their parents. He made a motion at the British Medical Association’s annual conference in June that obesity be considered a form of parental neglect. According to the National Obesity Forum, he told the BMA:

    If a child who is stick and bones turns up at a GP’s surgery or a at a hospital, there is immediate outrage. Health visitors and social services are called in and a court will decide if that child should be taken into care. But the same alarm bells don’t ring with an obese child even though in the long-term they are as much at risk of serious health problems as a child who is seriously under-nourished.

    Dr. Capehorn appears to be on a tireless mission to lock up fat children, but there’s more behind his interests in promoting fears of fat and threatening such dire consequences for those failing to be slim. The Independent made a brief mention that he “runs an obesity clinic in Rotherham, South Yorkshire” in a story last summer.

    But he isn’t your ordinary weight loss doctor.

    Dr. Capehorn has been a long-time member of NETWORK-Lipolysis, a coalition of aesthetic lipolysis injection practitioners and core of NETWORK-Aesthetics. He is also a member of the International Society of Lipolysistherapy.

    NETWORK members practice lipolysis injections as perfected by Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner of Austria, one of their members. Lipolysis injections involve injecting a cocktail of chemicals that includes phophatidylcholine into fat areas of the body to “dissolve” the fat. The reality of this quack practice was reviewed here.

    Isn’t it reassuring to know that medical associations and government agencies have given platforms to such experts in childhood obesity?
    And the media laps it up.
    And, more incredibly, that they think anyone would actually believe any of this....
    Normal, healthy, growing children have always come in a diversity of shapes and sizes. Fewer children are sickly from childhood diseases or starving today, raising the average population statistics upward slightly. No wonder our children are healthier and living longer than ever! But those trying to convince us of a childhood obesity epidemic are the ones failing to recognize how absurd their definition of "obese" children has become. Growing numbers of parents aren't buying it, as they see their naturally fat children eating and active and just as healthy as other kids. Hysterical headlines driven by vested interests cannot change reality, create a nonexistent crisis, or make sound healthcare policies.

    Ah, but it is all about conformity to the ideal world, a world where diversity is "celebrated" except where it doesn't fit with the PC health fascist view, whatever the evidence. Whatever belief of what the harmful outcome of being a fat kid is, we know exactly the outcome of being taken into care - drugs, the dole and death.

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    Cut the fat - NHS

    NHS is 'failing patients' despite record funding - Telegraph

    Britain's health service is failing to provide a world-class service to patients despite record levels of Government investment, a landmark report on the state of the NHS has concluded.

    Record increases in staff pay, a plethora of Government targets and the demands of a growing obesity epidemic are all threatening to overwhelm the service, according to Gordon Brown's former adviser, Sir Derek Wanless.

    His report found that most of the extra £43 billion pumped into the NHS by Labour in the past five years had been spent on large pay increases for doctors, nurses and consultants that had not yet delivered any substantial benefits.

    # In full: the Wanless report

    And as a fig leaf they are putting the blame on "obesity" - expect the war on "lifestyle choices" to be intensified. The report actually says: "The Health Committee estimated the economic cost of obesity at between £3.3 and £3.7 billion in 2002, with around 30 per cent of these costs falling directly on the NHS. Increasing levels of obesity will mean higher costs in future."
    So fatties cost a billion, I'm not sure if their premature demise which cuts NHS and pension costs is figured in, but let us call it a billion. To put this in context in 2002/3, again from the report, the actual spend on the NHS was £66.2 billion (total UK health care spend in 2007/8 will be around £113.5 billion - , which includes an estimated £17 billion attributed to private health care. As a percentage of UK GDP, total spend on health care in 2007/8 will be around 9.3 per cent, (at 2002/3 prices))

    The problem isn't the bloated populace but the bloated system. A system that will fatter and more intrusive as they order us to obey their whims.

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    September 11, 2007

    EU wants to know what you think

    Tomorrow’s Europe
    Imagine ordinary European citizens in the same room—to what extent will they be able to talk to each other? Will they understand each other’s concerns?

    I find if you talk loud enough and slowly enough even the most stupid of Europeans will eventually understand enough to bring a gin and tonic and heed my concerns that they find a clean glass and some ice..

    In the Fall of 2007, for the first time ever, Tomorrow’s Europe will bring together a representative microcosm of some 400 citizens from all 27 EU member states for a weekend of deliberation in Brussels. They will discuss the future of the EU.

    Initiator and coordinator of the project:
    Under the guidance of Jacques Delors who created Notre Europe in 1996, the organisation strives to "think a united Europe".

    Wow that sounds like a barrel of laughs.

    Tomorrow’s Europe > DEBATE ! This section ives you the opportunity to debate online about issues related to Tomorrow’s Europe. Questions will be open for debate at regular intervals. Join the discussion by choosing issues of interest to you.
    Tomorrow’s Europe > TOPIC 2. Governments negotiations : Do we risk losing EU citizens again?

    WTF does that mean? Time to charge the glass and drop them an idea or two. May I recommend you do too.

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    Brown to Bin Green Bin Tax?

    Gordon Brown ready to scrap plan for tax on bin collections - Times Online
    A Labour think-tank has come out firmly against the idea of extra charges for rubbish collection, amid signs that the Prime Minister is preparing to drop the scheme.

    The New Local Government Network, chaired by Chris Leslie, Gordon Brown’s campaign co-ordinator, says that the proposal to charge those putting out too much rubbish, while giving rebates to those who recycle more, will not work.

    Still time for the Zak and Gummer Torybans to come out supporting it then....

    Of course it wouldn't work with out causing a public health and pollution problem , exactly the reasons why Councils are charged to pick the rubbish in the first place. Does this mean that I don't have to put the chip back into my bin?

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    Swing Low..

    How bras let down sporting women - Telegraph

    Bras are failing to help women enjoy exercise and lead a sporting life, a study shows...

    As a public service may I remind my readers of the virtual bra bounceometer where you can dial in the size of boobs you have/desire and see how they swing with and without proper support...NSFW

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    What have the Scots ever done for us?

    ALL this week, The Scotsman is profiling some of the greatest Scottish Inventors

    Can't spot the genius behind the deep fried Mars Bar or the Haggis flavoured Ice Cream, but a pretty impressive bunch. It is not just the political economic enlightenment they have given sold us.

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    The Toryban plays Happy Families

    Tories to end out-of-town free parking - Telegraph

    Shoppers using out-of-town supermarkets would be forced to pay car parking charges under new Conservative proposals to defend the traditional British high street....

    The 800-page report tries to deflect the inevitable criticism by stressing that the parking charges would be no greater than the amount people would pay in the nearest town centre.

    The policy review group, which was co-chaired by Zac Goldsmith, the millionaire environmental campaigner, and John Gummer, the former Tory environment secretary, added that the money raised by the new charges would be used by the local authority to fund improved public transport....party would impose new "green taxes" in an attempt to encourage people to cut the amount of carbon they produced...best way to deliver the green growth that must be our aim..."the poorest in our society have got poorer "

    ...local communities should be given more powers to resist plans for big superstores in order to defend local shops. It will say that there should be "guidance on issues such as the floor space -allocated to superstore development, including an upper limit cap if desirable."....tougher checks on the "wider sustainability" of plans for new out-of-town stores.

    So Mr Bun the Baker and Mr Green the Grocer who are locals through and through and have been on the council man and boy will be able to tell Tesco how much cheap fresh food they can sell. As they look over their counters at the stale old rolls and wilting cabbage I suppose they may be happy to support the Tory Greenmail attempt, but consumers???

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    September 10, 2007

    One to bookmark

    Coyote Blog....climate work really was diluting what I want to do here at Coyote Blog, and it really deserved its own home and audience.  I have begun archiving old posts over at Climate Skeptic, and I will do most of my new posting on climate there.  Those interested in the climate issues are encouraged to bookmark the new site and/or subscribe to its feed.

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    Pure Blood Politics

    Scotsman.com News - International - Soviet Israelis held in neo-Nazi attack claims
    EIGHT Israeli citizens have been accused of setting up the country's first neo-Nazi group and allegedly carrying out violent attacks on foreigners, religious Jews and homosexuals.

    "It is difficult to believe Nazi ideology sympathisers can exist in Israel, but it is a fact," said Revital Almog, the police official who directed the investigation.

    A little learning of history would have prevented his surprise, and maybe the tag "first neo-Nazi group" is also wrong... Avraham Stern, January 1941, submitted a formal proposal to German diplomats in Beirut for a military-political alliance with wartime Germany....When Menachem Begin became chief of Betar, he preferred the brown shirts of the Hitler gangs, a uniform Begin and Betar members wore to all meetings and rallies - at which they greeted each other, opened and closed meetings with the fascist salute....
    The list of acts of Zionist collaboration with the Nazis goes on and on.

    And let us not forgetLord Moyne who was appointed Deputy Resident Minister of state in Cairo from August 1942 to January 1944, and Resident Minister from then until his death. Within the British system at that time, this meant control over Persia, the Middle East and Africa. The main task was to ensure the defeat of the Axis forces in North Africa, principally the Afrika Korps, who were led by General Rommel.
    In the early afternoon of November 6, 1944, Eliyahu Bet-Zuri and Eliyahu Hakim of the Jewish underground group Lehi waited for Moyne near his home in Cairo. Moyne arrived in his car with his driver and his secretary. When the driver got out to open the door for Moyne, Hakim shot Moyne three times and Bet-Zuri killed the driver.
    In 1975, the bodies of Ben Zuri and Hakim were returned to Israel in exchange for twenty prisoners from Gaza and Sinai. They were lain in state in the Jerusalem Hall of Heroism, where they were attended by many dignitaries including Prime Minister Rabin and President Katzir. Then they were buried in the military section of Mount Herzl cemetery in a state funeral. Great Britain lodged a formal protest. In 1982, postage stamps were issued in their honour.

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    Britische arbeitsplatz zuerst für britische

    BBC News | Europe | Clashes at German far-right march
    Supporters of the far-right National Democratic Party of Germany - most of them young skinheads - marched through an eastern suburb of the city in former East Germany, banging drums and chanting "German Jobs for Germans First".
    Gordon Brown plans 'jobs for Britons' - Telegraph
    Gordon Brown will announce plans today to "fast track" 500,000 unemployed and inactive British workers into British jobs.

    Mr Brown's advisers said last night that with 30 million jobs available in this country "we can - if we make the right decisions - advance closer to full employment than ever before in our history, so that there is a British job for every British worker". The scheme - to be unveiled to the Trades Union Congress - underlines Mr Brown's commitment to the importance of "Britishness".

    It will also address concerns that migrant workers are taking too many jobs which could go to British workers if they were better directed and motivated.

    So when is the BBC going to start calling it "the far-right government of Gordon Brown"?

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    September 9, 2007

    Google causes massive downturn in productivity

    The super secret Google Earth Flight Simulator

    To enter the flight simulator mode, press Ctrl Alt A (Command/Open Apple Key Option A on the Mac) when in Google Earth.

    You will need the latest upgrade of Google Earth, note that it is a capital A, also try Ctrl-Win-A , or try Ctrl-A , make sure you aren't trying to type into an input box etc. Once in forget about any other work for an hour or so as you take off from Heathrow in a F16 Viper....

    As I head east the voices keep saying, if only it was real.....

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    Yummy Mummy Bansturbation

    Ban the rotten lot | Rachel Johnson - Times Online
    ...a veritable smorgasbord of E-numbers, sugar, fat, and almost worst of all, salt,....children can’t be in charge of their own diets. But neither can their parents and neither, to be frank, can Ed Balls. The consumer is sovereign, not the parent nor the politician...

    As we cannot police our children 24/7 and many parents themselves won’t protect them from this habit, I see no alternative but to ban all these additives

    So just because she can't stop her own children eating sweets she wants to ban me from making the choice of what to feed my own.

    (Oh and on the salt issue - read M H Alderman's Nature commentary which as Saltsensibility says: points out that the entire relationship is due to the fact that those who ate more salt ate more food. Adjusting for caloric intake wiped out the significance of the relationship. Nor was there any difference between the high-salt and low-salt groups in terms of preference for adding salt at the table. Alderman pointed out that those consuming more salt and calories may also have had more adequate intakes of other vital, growth-related nutrients, but that the study did not include these data. Thus, Alderman concludes that the data "support the Cochrane Collaboration conclusion that there was not sufficient evidence for a general dietary recommendation to reduce sodium intake.")

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    Things every dog owner should know

    by Major A J Dawson
    Phillip Allen London 1927

    Above all, if you would achieve the effect of being what they call good with animals - "and it does greatly help understanding - do not wobble. Mustn't fumble" - as the egregious Mr. Shalford so insistently explained to Kipps. The less vocal and articulate the animal you are dealing with-whether it be a horse or a dog, a raw recruit in a Soudanese battalion or a haughty young lady attendant in a post office, a milch cow or the most impassive and imposing of commissionaires -the more necessary is it to avoid fumbling and wobbling, hesitancy and indecision. Your processes of weighing and perpending must be secret. When it comes to speech, act and movement, let your decisiveness preclude all thought of alternatives. You may be right; you may be wrong; you must be sure; at least, you must convey that impression. And, remember, you can convey impressions through the lightest touch of your finger-tips, especially to the inarticulate, for whom tentativeness of all kinds spells, at the best, discomfort, confusion and mistrust, and, at the worst, the blind hostility of panic. The impartial philosophy of your academic orator - presenting no conclusion without scrupulous admission of its alternatives - would incite an African regiment to mutiny and a nervous horse to suicidal (or homicidal) dementia. Therefore, in dealing with dogs, especially on first introduction, do not wobble. Better the rudest of omissions, blunders or neglect than fumbling; better a forthright cuff than a half-given, half-withdrawn caress.

    Part of a series of random quotes from The Castle's Library...

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    And now the bad news

    Feckless, dirty, sozzled Britain –it’s all a myth - Times Online
    You can come out from behind the sofa now. There is no longer any need to hide from drunks, murderers, or even the prospect of a stiff lecture about your carbon footprint. Because I bring unexpected good news: things are not quite as terrible in Britain as we have feared....

    No figures have yet been compiled to assess which country has the most gloomy, pessimistic people, but the British would surely be up there in, say, the top one. We believe ourselves to be drunk, sexually feckless and careless of our carbon footprint.

    Yet according to The Economist, none of this is true. Or rather, it might well be true but other countries are much drunker and more sexually feckless. ...

    Let’s look on the bright side. We are much greener, more generous, more sober and more careful about sex than our reputation might suggest.

    Now I am depressed; it is only the distant hope of being able to get drunk, engage in feckless sex (that seems an oxymoron somehow) and leave carbon skidmarks across the planet that keeps me going.....

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    Toryban latest.....

    | News | This is London
    Failing to follow a healthy lifestyle could lead to free NHS treatment being denied under the Tory plans.

    Patients would be handed "NHS Health Miles Cards" allowing them to earn reward points for losing weight, giving up smoking, receiving immunisations or attending regular health screenings.

    Like a supermarket loyalty card, the points could be redeemed as discounts on gym membership and fresh fruit and vegetables, or even give priority for other public services - such as jumping the queue for council housing.
    Tories unveil plans for energy regulations - Telegraph
    The Conservatives will unveil tough regulations on televisions, fridges and other household appliances this week as part of a plan to make Britain a world leader in energy-efficiency, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

    Under the proposals, caps would be set on how much energy all electrical appliances can use. Goods exceeding those limits would be banned from sale after a set date

    The report says that while some progress has been made on making electronic goods more efficient, these gains have been largely undermined by the sharp increase in household goods in recent years.

    It is said that if all of Britain's 25 million mobile phone chargers were left switched off, the unused energy could power 66,000 homes for a year.

    The review is also expected to unveil a series of green taxes, such as VAT on domestic flights and a "per-flight tax" on airlines. The report will also call for a moratorium on airport expansion and incentives for domestic air passengers to switch to trains. Higher taxes on 4x4 vehicles are also expected to be discussed, along with proposals to make cycling more -attractive.

    Road Cycling is dangerous
    What the official statistics say:
    "Per kilometre travelled, pedal cyclists are 14 times as likely to be killed or seriously injured (KSI) in a road accident than car drivers."
    In the UK, one human life is usually valued at around 1 mln pounds - these are the money "worth" spending, in order to save one life. ..A person, who decides to move from bus commuting to road cycling increases the risk of death on the road by two orders of magnitude.
    In case of bicycles, the cost of lost lives per kilometre is over 4 pence (cars: 0.3p).

    This result is not surprising. Modern cars are much safer than ten, twenty years ago...Bicycles are primitive vehicles... which is probably why they appeal to the low wattage brains of the Toryban Green faction. So fall off your bike you will get helath club miles knocked off your card and be treated at the back of the queue, no? If a cyclist pay your own way in health costs by a road tax, no? Are we appealing to to logic or the vaguest of greeny ideas......

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    September 8, 2007

    My local Health Service

    Health Crisis Day From Hell For Desperate 999 Staff (from The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)
    The initial call from Trowbridge to ambulance control was received at 4.16pm. The male patient's condition was categorised as Category B, which means the condition is non-life threatening and an ambulance response should reach the patient within 19 minutes.

    But the target was not met and at 5.11pm the patient's family rang back to say his condition had deteriorated.

    Ambulance control recategorised his condition as Category A, life threatening, where an ambulance should be sent within eight minutes.

    The only available crew was in Devizes and they reached the patient at 5.29pm but there was nothing they could do.

    It is understood the man died from a heart attack.

    To further compound the family's distress the Great Western Ambulance Service despatched an ambulance crew to the home the next day by error.

    They are closing all the local hospitals, (hospitals which were originally paid for by local fundraising) and promise us we can rely on mobile response teams if we can't make the half hour journey to the nearest sawbones. Am I reassured?, am I fuck!

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    Theory Three

    Fractious toddler not wanting to settle down, a spoonful of mother's little helper so they can go out for dinner, get the dose slightly wrong, panic, hide her in a suitcase to deal with later and then run around screaming blue murder. After finding no traces of the paedo ring or the kidnappers for the desperate childless it is no wonder the Portuguese Plod have come back to this idea.

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    Tony Who?

    Tony Blair's peace quest isn't paying the bills - Telegraph
    Tony Blair could be forgiven for congratulating himself on a seamless transition from world leader to world peace envoy....

    As he lives a lifestyle more akin to that of a former United States president, Mr Blair's annual outgoings for his staff, office space and mortgages could soon top £1 million. Yet, so far, he has not made great progress in pursuing the book deals, speaking tours and directorships which might help to pay for it all...

    Oh no, it has been such a nice break and now he is coming back and will be all over the TV plugging his book / tour / availability for weddings and bar mitzvahs in his fake mockney voice; better stock up on the bricks besides the sofa of sloth.

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    The Answer is "Yes"

    Wouldn’t you feel safer with a gun? | Richard Munday - Times Online
    Despite the recent spate of shootings on our streets, we pride ourselves on our strict gun laws. Every time an American gunman goes on a killing spree, we shake our heads in righteous disbelief at our poor benighted colonial cousins. Why is it, even after the Virginia Tech massacre, that Americans still resist calls for more gun controls?

    The short answer is that “gun controls” do not work: they are indeed generally perverse in their effects....

    ...We are so self-congratulatory about our officially disarmed society, and so dismissive of colonial rednecks, that we have forgotten that within living memory British citizens could buy any gun – rifle, pistol, or machinegun – without any licence. When Dr Watson walked the streets of London with a revolver in his pocket, he was a perfectly ordinary Victorian or Edwardian. Charlotte Brontë recalled that her curate father fastened his watch and pocketed his pistol every morning when he got dressed; Beatrix Potter remarked on a Yorkshire country hotel where only one of the eight or nine guests was not carrying a revolver; in 1909, policemen in Tottenham borrowed at least four pistols from passers-by (and were joined by other armed citizens) when they set off in pursuit of two anarchists unwise enough to attempt an armed robbery. We now are shocked that so many ordinary people should have been carrying guns in the street; the Edwardians were shocked rather by the idea of an armed robbery.

    If armed crime in London in the years before the First World War amounted to less than 2 per cent of that we suffer today, it was not simply because society then was more stable. Edwardian Britain was rocked by a series of massive strikes in which lives were lost and troops deployed, and suffragette incendiaries, anarchist bombers, Fenians, and the spectre of a revolutionary general strike made Britain then arguably a much more turbulent place than it is today. In that unstable society the impact of the widespread carrying of arms was not inflammatory, it was deterrent of violence.

    As late as 1951, self-defence was the justification of three quarters of all applications for pistol licences. And in the years 1946-51 armed robbery, the most significant measure of gun crime, ran at less than two dozen incidents a year in London; today, in our disarmed society, we suffer as many every week.

    Gun controls disarm only the law-abiding, and leave predators with a freer hand......

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    September 7, 2007

    Oíd, mortales, el grito sagrado:

    Tim Worstall: Argentina France. " rooting for the Argie"

    We all were down the King's Arms - bugger that Northern Hemisphere solidarity, nothing is better than seeing France beaten. And bollocks to Rod Little as well, and his devotion to the girly game of soccer.


    Sean eternos los laureles

    que supimos conseguir,

    que supimos conseguir.

    Coronados de gloria vivamos...

    ¡o juremos con gloria morir!,

    ¡o juremos con gloria morir!,

    ¡o juremos con gloria morir!


    May the laurels be eternal

    that we knew how to win,

    that we knew how to win.

    Let us live crowned with glory...

    or swear to die gloriously!

    Or swear to die gloriously!

    Or swear to die gloriously!

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    Out on the road early this morning

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    September 6, 2007

    Livingstone gets a message from on the buses


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    Cameron unites the country

    Iain Dale's Diary: A Tory Policy Everyone Can Unite Behind

    "They will only complete the course after making a personal appearance in front of organisers. During this they must pledge allegiance to Britain, say what they have learned and declare which charity they have chosen and why."

    Yep, it certainly has united everyone, in declaring the it is the most idiotic, pathetic, neo-fascist, idea yet to come out of the twats mouth - and it has some stiff competition there.

    (Apologies to Iain for mocking his enthusiasm but really just think it through; it is never going to work, if it ever gets off the ground it will just swallow our money for no results apart from kids getting some free rock climbing. And it is not so much Gordon is going to steal it but that Cammy is stealing Gordon's frantic flag waving policies. Instead of pledges of allegiance how about Cameron actually growing a pair of balls so he can take on the bastards who are selling our country down the river; words are cheap, what about some action from him?

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    Bloggers reclaim the airways?

    The Monkey Tennis Centre: BBC scraps climate change bias-athon
    ‘Many blogs run by climate skeptics groups regularly accuse the BBC of bias’, and I think this is the really interesting point in all of this. Bloggers, have, of course been at the forefront of the resistance to claims that the debate is over, and have enabled research by skeptical scientists, which previously would have been confined to science magazines and easily suppressed by a hostile media, to be seen by millions.

    Another area where bloggers have led the way is in exposing media bias. A few years ago it was almost impossible for the public to complain about biased reporting by the BBC. You could write to them, or phone them, and your complaint would be duly noted before disappearing into the system. Only a few ‘right-wing’ journalists and Tory MPs were able to draw attention to dishonest or misleading reports with any effect.

    Blogs have changed all that, and brought together thousands of people who have been quietly seething at the BBC for years, but felt they were powerless to do anything about it; complaints about bias now appear daily, both on dedicated 'Beeb-watch' sites and mainstream blogs, and every omission, half-truth and lie is quickly thrown back in the faces of those responsible.

    There are clearly decent people in the BBC who are truly committed to impartiality, but I think we can chalk this one up to the bloggers.

    It struck me with the Aral Sea nonsense (passim) that the dinosaurs still rule the newsrooms. If only some one introduced ITN news to Mr Google then instead of sending a reporter half way round the world to spout nonsense whilst standing like Doctor Foster in a puddle half way up to his middle, they could have shrugged at the PR release and all gone of for a civilised lunch with a decent chilled Chardonnay. They will learn....

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    The Aral Sea , the media doesn't get it quite right..

    The Spectator.co.uk
    Why the lake has run dry
    Martin Vander Weyer

    Good summary of the Aral Sea Media story, quotes this website and my excellent correspondent Dennis Ambler - poor old Dennis gets blamed for being me, the blogger though; he will never be able to hold his head up in public again.

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    Up against the wall in a seedy cul-de-sac

    Guide to the Government - Times Online


    Difficulty: Moderate - (even a nuLabour apparatchik should be able to grasp it)


    1. Engage your partner using foreplay. Stimulate their erogenous zones by kissing and caressing them. (If it is a fat bird you have just picked up, skip this)
    2. Disrobe yourself and your partner, (but obviously not if you are in Downing Street with the Press present) and you might want to look around for a wall to lean against.
    3. Position yourself either behind or in front of your partner depending on your preference. (If it is that fat bird mentioned above I recommend the "behind" position as it means you don't have to look at her.) There is some room for improvisation in standing sexual positions.
    4. Find a standing position that makes both partners comfortable. Enter your partner while both standing and engage in sex.

    Overall Tips & Warnings

    * Go with the flow in the standing sexual position. People’s heights and flexibilities differ so much that you often have to make it your own by tweaking the position until both partners are comfortable.
    * You can use the standing sexual position for both vaginal and anal sex.
    * Always practice safe sex regardless of what position you’ve chosen.

    Overall Things You'll Need

    * Wall to lean against
    * Sexual partner (If you a politics geek this is the hardest bit, so make the most of any fat bird that stands still long enough.)

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    BBC drops show no one would have watched.

    BBC drops 'Planet Relief' plan to save world - Telegraph
    The BBC has abandoned plans for a Comic Relief-style special about climate change after senior executives complained the corporation should not be preaching to viewers.

    Planet Relief, which was 18 months in development and was due to be hosted by comedian Ricky Gervais and talk show host Jonathan Ross next January, was envisioned as an event to "raise consciousness" about the effects of human behaviour on the environment.

    It was also due to have involved viewers in a mass temporary switch-off of electrical products to save energy.

    I think it would have involved more than a "temporary" switch -off, after the dismal "Live Earth" ratings I think the BBC was glad of an excuse to drop the whole idea by appearing to be regaining the moral highground.

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    Don't Know Much ’bout History..

    Cameron issues a stern warning to party’s ‘blast from the past’ critics - Times Online
    "When you make changes to a party you will get blasts from the past who signify absolutely nothing. I simply don’t agree with them. They are wrong.”

    Mr Cameron made clear that he was angry with critics playing into Labour’s hands. He said: “I want all Conservatives to think carefully before they open their mouths.

    “Political leadership is about taking the long-term approach. It’s about ignoring the noises off-stage. People in the party who are criticising me are just plain wrong. That’s all there is to it. I don’t think when Tony Blair was trying to change the Labour Party he spent his whole time worrying about what Tony Benn was saying. I have set a very clear course that has already reaped huge benefits for the party.”

    There that has told them!, I'm the King of the Castle, it is all about me! Look how I have swept the Tories to stunning victory and popularity, all me, on my own!

    Mr Cameron will reveal his plans today for a national citizen service. He wants 16-year-olds to devote all or part of their summer holiday to undertaking “patriotic” service. Youngsters could take part in a mini triathalon or military training. Others would work with elderly people and charities or help in Third World countries.

    Mr Cameron said: “This will make people feel proud about themselves and about their country. It will mix people from different backgrounds. North and South, black and white, rich and poor. They will be putting something back into the community. It will be a way of learning respect for our country and each other, just like national service was.”

    Talk about a "blast from the past" - the last National serviceman was discharged on 13 May 1963. The only people who can remember doing National Service are pensioners. And his wishy washy do good summer camps won't be compulsory so will be just a state subsidised holiday camp for middle class kids. A well meaning idea but five minutes thought would have made it obvious it is a pathetic idea to make a major policy announcement. But then he hasn't learnt that it wasn't his super "hug a hoody" or "stroke a seal" that gave him a poll bounce, but going back to the old fashioned Tory ideas on crime, or as he would put it a blast from the past.

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    September 5, 2007

    How to run an NHS, by Gordon Brown; not applicable in England.

    BBC NEWS | Politics | PM's bid for global health care
    Gordon Brown is spearheading a campaign to build national health systems in some of the world's poorest countries that will help save millions of lives.

    The UK prime minister is forming a new partnership with other developed countries to make sure international aid is spent effectively.
    Mr Brown said: "We have the knowledge and the power to save millions of lives through our efforts ....There is no greater cause than that every man, woman and child in the world should be able to benefit from the best medicine and healthcare.

    Gordy, any chance you can sort out the English NHS after, or even before, you have told the rest of the world how to run a health systems where everyone can "benefit from the best medicine and healthcare", because sure as feck we haven't got that here in your southern province.

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    Back to Peat and Candles - Official Scots Gov policy

    Scotsman.com News - Scotland - Why Scotland must consume less

    SCOTLAND is a long way from becoming a sustainable nation, living in harmony with the environment and preserving a healthy society, according to government advisers.

    .. traffic on Scotland's roads was rising steadily and seabird populations had fallen by a third between 1991 and 2004.

    It also warned of problems which could lead to a breakdown in civil society, with a dramatic rises in antisocial behaviour and homelessness, and a decline in volunteering.

    Professor Jan Bebbington, of the commission, said urgent action was needed to make Scotland live within its means in the big fight against climate change.

    It is thought Scots consume about three times more resources than their fair share - sometimes referred to as "three-planet living" because if everyone lived as we do, it would take three earths to cope with demand.

    Prof Bebbington said changing Scottish society would involve the use of new technologies but also stressed that people would have to change their behaviour. "Some of that change may mean that flying to the Bahamas twice a year for a holiday maybe isn't what we do."

    Asked what a sustainable Scotland might be like, she said there was no current example: "Most of the developed world economies aren't sustainable with high levels of flying and material consumption. There's no one country that demonstrates all the elements of being sustainable."

    Maintaining social sustainability was important because a breakdown could lead to the chaos and violence as portrayed in the film Children of Men, which painted a picture of a dystopian future in the UK....

    It was a film, fiction, OK! And the reason there is no current example of your "sustainable" lifestyle is because what you want is for the Scots to retreat to their bloody crofts and sit handweaving whisky and eating heather all day. If you want an example look back 200 years and see how lovely life was then.

    And Prof Bebbington said such changes of attitude would need to happen quickly alongside the progress being made in developing renewable energy and recycling waste.

    "If we have got 100 years to play with, I think we could get there. The big question is whether we have 100 years to play with, chocolatevehiclejedigorgeousaadvarkserendipitybedtime bibliomaniacgussetcuddlesmileexcitedwibbleconstantinopleserendipityovertimehometime
    barnstaple ...."

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    No appeal to justice in school

    Heads can 'prosecute' parents of errant pupils - Telegraph
    Head teachers will be able to take parents to court if their children misbehave under tough powers announced yesterday.
    From this week, they can apply for a civil order requiring mothers and fathers of wayward pupils to take parenting classes, with fines if children continue to step out of line.
    Michael Gove, the shadow children's secretary, called for parents to be stripped of the ability to appeal against a head's decision to exclude pupils - a power that has seen many children reinstated.
    "Let's not kid ourselves that these measures, welcome as they are, do anything like enough to solve the problem," he said. "You can't have a proper discipline policy unless heads are free to exclude disruptive pupils without being second-guessed."

    Martin Ward, the deputy general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said: "Some parents may come to view schools in a similar role to the police and courts."

    Except that even the Tories seem to think that there should be no right of appeal, with Heads being deemed to be superhuman founts of justice and knowledge instead of being over-burdened fallible humans like the rest of us. It is all part of the new jumping up and down screaming at the kids culture in schools because they frankly haven't got a clue what to do.

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    Let them eat Cake

    Warning bells as the cost of bread rises - Times Online
    Premier Foods has raised the price of Hovis bread by 8p so that, in some places, an average loaf may now cost more than £1. This is not just a reaction to the fact that wheat prices have risen by nearly 50 per cent in the past three months, but a harbinger of higher food prices to come.

    Doubled or a 100% increase would be nearer, last year selling your wheat at harvest for £100 a tonne was OK this year you will be laughed out of the snug bar at The Jolly Miller if you haven't held out for £200. Of course the wheat in a loaf of bead at the most generous estimate is only about 15% of its cost- always convenient to have something to blame though - I note the bastard brewers have done the same with the beer.

    There are three causes of increasing costs of foodstuffs. First, demographics: the populations of India and China not only account for roughly 2.4 billion people, and rising, but also a rapidly expanding middle class with the money to fund larger appetites. Second, climate change: extreme hot and cold weather has resulted in unpredictable harvests, which have contributed to the depletion of wheat stocks to their lowest levels in 25 years.

    Bollocks - it is been a poor harvest in the UK and Europe, fine in the US etc. Just another up and down year. Wheat stocks are down because it is no longer seen as a strategic aim to hold reserves. So we we have paid farmers not to grow it here and in the US.

    Third, biofuels: the response to climate change, namely the reallocation of huge acreages previously used to grow corn for animal feed and human consumption to grow corn and sugar for ethanol, has robbed the world market of vast tracts of food-producing farmland. Premier Foods could not explain yesterday which of these three factors was having the most impact on wheat prices. The most immediate cause, it said, was biofuels: “What you have is an environmental tax on food.”

    What he is quoted as saying in your paper is "“Everyone is focusing on wheat and bread prices at the moment, but there is a general food inflation that hasn’t been with us since the 1990s,” Mr Schofield said. “As long as governments are going to grow fuel, there will be, in effect, an environment tax on food.” Doesn't sound like a wishy washy blaming Climate Change and the Chinese to me...

    Food prices will stir debate about the unintended consequences of the green revolution. The danger is that this causes a backlash against climate-friendly sources of energy, rather than a sober debate about the trade distortions and economic inefficiencies of – particularly US - investment in home-grown biofuels. The answer is not to stop producing ethanol, but to choose how it is produced and where both corn and sugar are grown. This may be a problem caused by globalisation, but the best prospects of a solution lie with further trade liberalisation.

    Oh I see, "Mustn't say anything against Bio-fuel","Mustn't say anything against Bio-fuel"...with Rupert Murdoch now a climate-change activist that is obviously the company line. And so is the call for more trade liberalisation, so who is going to do the "choosing" of how ethanol is produced, at the moment the market is responding to the Government's demands, you wouldn't be suggesting that the Government starts micromanaging how the ethanol is produced, are you?...

    More at Eu Referendum

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    September 4, 2007

    Top Ten Reasons Why Iain Dale Should.....

    Iain Dale's Diary: Top Ten Reasons Michael Ancram Should....be leader... No. Looks like he has really upset the trendy Tories.

    The PR cockup disaster is not Ancram's fault, it is Central Office and commentators like Iain's. FFS have none of them been to a board meeting, or shareholders meeting where some "stakeholder" puts forward an idea that doesn't fit with the new rebranding. Hissy fits don't work, think "big tent", "respect views", small giggle - "well I wouldn't have put it quite like that but as ever you are spot on". It is all about diffusing, listening and including. Not throwing toys out of the pram. When the traitorous Ken Clarke or Fatty Pang burp their poisonous thoughts where was the outrage then?

    It is the first time I have felt a major party politician has been talking my language for a long time, but the reaction of the Metropolitan Elite show me that Central Office aren't Torys and will continue to condescendingly patronise us and hope we will vote for them whatever.

    Download Michael Ancram's Pamphlet here (300k pdf)

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    Date for the Diary

    Campaign News | Pro Referendum Rally

    On October 27th, a rally will be held in Parliament Square, with the symbolic casting of votes in ballot boxes outside the Houses of Parliament, followed by a speaking event at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre with top-flight speakers from across the political spectrum, the media and other walks of public life.

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    Respect or else

    BBC NEWS | Education | Tougher rules for excluded pupils
    Regulations coming into force in England this week require parents to keep pupils under supervision for the first five days of an exclusion...
    Parents will face fines if they do not supervise children who have been excluded.
    There is to be a new offence of failing to ensure a child is not found in a public place without reasonable justification....

    Remind me again whose children they are. Oh, the State's, of course, silly me.

    This autumn will also see the introduction of lessons in secondary schools teaching respect and "emotional intelligence"...

    Teachers ape our political leaders in "demanding respect" - listen fuckheads, acting like a hoody demanding respect may get you sullen silence but not respect. The only way you get respect is to be GIVEN it, by earning it, by being a human being to be looked up at. The slovenly repressed whiners who get their kicks from shouting at kids don't get it, and don't deserve it.
    And is it any wonder that kids get excluded in increasing numbers as they see through the pathetic tantrums of the teachers. It is not a lack of powers that prevent teachers being inspirational leaders but the pisspoor training and expectations of the teacher training courses.

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    We all love Comrade Brown

    Scotsman.com News - UK - Brown's loud boo to ya-boo politics

    GORDON Brown yesterday pledged to break the adversarial mould of British politics, drafting in Conservative and Liberal Democrat advisers and promising to consult new "citizens' juries" on government policy.

    "By creating a Party of National Unity the need for other parties is negated and their continued existence and funding is an expensive luxury and irrelevance we cannot afford in these days of national emergency (insert terrorism/ climate change/ plague as appropriate). The destabilising effect of dissenting views harms the British people and our efforts to defeat (as above). So as a interim measure during the emergency I am suspending all other political activities apart those of the Party of National Unity. To preserve the peace and our way of life severe penalties against transgressors...."

    Update - BBC - Radio 2 - Shows - Jeremy Vine joins in by discussing: "ONE PARTY STATE" :
    As two senior Conservatives become Labour policy advisors, we look at the increasing inevitability of the one party state.

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    Calling Marshal Wade!

    Scotsman.com News - Battle for Britain's oil under way as SNP told: hands off

    THE Westminster government will today launch a full-scale assault on Alex Salmond's push to seize control of oil and gas revenue, telling an industry conference that the Nationalists' plans are "flawed", "foolhardy" and "parochial".

    Try "Treason"

    The Devil's Kitchen: Alex Salmond And The Raising Of The Saltire In Edinburgh - Do None Dare Call This Treason?

    ....the unilateral decision of the Scottish National Party's minority administration to remove the Royal Coat of Arms from government offices and rename the Scottish Executive as the Scottish Government is not a 'rebranding'; it's a rebellion.

    Lord, grant that Marshal Wade,
    May by thy mighty aid,
    Victory bring.
    May he sedition hush and like a torrent rush,
    Rebellious Scots to crush,
    God save the Queen.

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    Research we couldn't live without

    Rock and pop stars do 'live fast, die young' - Telegraph

    A study of more than 1,000 famous musicians from the past 50 years has found that they are almost twice as likely to die early compared to the general public.

    No! You don't say...

    "Collaboration between health and music industries should focus on improving both pop star health and their image as role models. Public health consideration needs to be given to preventing music icons promoting health-damaging behaviour among their emulators and fans."

    Note to researchers - look up the word "vicarious", as we drag ourselves through mundane life often the only appeal of some stars is the pleasure we get from vicarious depravity. If Pete Docherty was a spokesman for the five-a-day vegetable campaign do you think a) we would ever have heard of him, b) he would have gotten to shag Kate Moss?

    (And talking of looking up words, I hadn't realised before that Vicar and vicarious come from the same root, I must have nodded during that classics lesson.)

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    The Tory Vision from Devizes

    David Cameron 'is trashing Thatcher legacy' - Telegraph
    Michael Ancram, a former deputy leader of the party, calls for a return to the core values that won four successive elections by championing lower taxes, floating the prospect of withdrawal from the European Union, and for the party leadership to stop "trashing" its Thatcherite past.

    ."....Freedom comes in many forms: freedom from unnecessary or oppressive regulation, key to the creation of the smaller state well highlighted by John Redwood's report; freedom from fear, the ability to walk our streets without fear of being mugged, shot or even bombed; freedom to control one's own life, requiring an up-front commitment to the principle of lower taxes. I also hope we will look again at selection in education.

    I strongly support clear recognition of the value of the family. Along with the importance of the twin concepts of the interdependent community and of "the good neighbour", the family is a crucial key to a more stable society.

    The protection of our sovereignty, however, is probably the most important Conservative principle, because, without it, we can never as a nation guarantee to deliver on any other principles and pledges. Sovereignty belongs to the British people, and can be surrendered only with the express consent of the British people. ...


    We must make clear to our European colleagues that "a country called Europe" is incompatible with our sovereignty, and that we cannot remain part of an EU where that is the inevitable and swiftly approaching outcome. Above all we must have a simple creed.

    We believe in people, in their individual freedom and right to choose; we believe in promoting aspiration and merit; we believe in the smaller state, in value for taxpayers' money and in being the "good neighbour"; we believe in the family; in protecting and conserving our environment; and above all in the resolute defence of our sovereignty and our realm.

    With that creed, and with policies consistent with it, people should have a pretty clear idea what the Conservative Party in the 21st century stands for."

    As my MP that is the sort of talk that gets my vote.

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    September 3, 2007

    ITV news Aral Sea hype - Dennis Ambler wants answers

    ITV news joined in the nonsense tonight with a report that included flying out their "environmental" reporter to stand up to his waist in Lake Chad. http://itn.co.uk/news/45bfb608fcc3ee64dffa946e017fb951.html
    I suppose they bought some carbon credits...

    I sent this response to their newsoom direct email:

    "urgent re: global warming maps

    I have to inform you that there are serious faults with your report on satellite maps.

    In particular the report about the Aral Sea does not reflect the real situation, which can be seen here from the NASA website: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Newsroom/NewImages/images.php3?img_id=17634

    "In 2000, the Aral Sea was in grave condition. This inland sea, which was once Earth’s fourth-largest lake, had been steadily shrinking since the 1960s, when Soviet-era irrigation projects diverted the main rivers sustaining the sea. The lake shrunk to a quarter of its original size in a few decades, creating an environmental and public health disaster. As the lake dried up, winters became colder and harsher, and summers became hotter and more arid. Blowing dust, laden with pesticides and other chemicals, is routinely scoured from the dry lake bed and poses a severe public health hazard.

    In 2007, however, the North Aral Sea was enjoying a renaissance, due the construction of a dam in 2005 that prevents water from flowing into the South Aral Sea. This pair of images acquired by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite shows the recovery of the Aral Sea between April 15, 2005 (bottom), and April 14, 2007 (top). The recovery is most dramatic in the upper right part of the image, although a close look at the lake’s borders show a general rise in water level throughout the lake. Much of this recovery actually occurred in the first year after the dam was completed.

    Lake Chad has receded many times before, as described in Wikipedia:
    Because it is very shallow — only 10.5 metres (34 ft) at its deepest — its area is particularly sensitive to small changes in average depth, and it consequently also shows seasonal fluctuations in size.

    Lake Chad is believed to be a remnant of a former inland sea which has grown and shrunk with changes in climate over the past 13,000 years. At its largest, around 4000 BC, this lake is estimated to have covered an area of 400,000 km². Lake sediments appear to indicate dry periods, when the lake nearly dried up, around 8500 BC, 5500 BC, 2000 BC, and 100 BC.

    It was one of the largest lakes in the world when first surveyed by Europeans in 1823, but it has shrunk considerably since then. An increased demand on the lake's water from the local population has likely accelerated its shrinkage over the past 40 years. This is largely due to overgrazing in the area surrounding the lake, causing desertification and a decline in vegetation.[1]

    In the 1960s it had an area of more than 26,000 km², making it the fourth largest lake in Africa. By 2000 its extent had fallen to less than 1,500 km². This is due to reduced rainfall combined with greatly increased amounts of irrigation water being drawn from the lake and the rivers which feed it, the largest being the Chari/ Logon system, which originates in the mountains of the Central African Republic. The lake presently has an average depth of only 1.5 metres (5 ft). It nearly dried out in 1908 and again in 1984.
    This history shows no relationship to the claims in Laurence's report and has no connection with any perceived global warming, particularly in 1908 and the BC years.

    Yellow River

    A further report from NASA shows that the changes in the Yellow River are again nothing to do with perceived global warming.


    "Over the past 15 years, several hundred square kilometers of sediment have accreted and eroded from the delta coastline. Two major factors contribute to the changes. The river carries a heavy sediment load, leading to clogged channels and frequent river course changes; and the river is heavily engineered and water demand is greater than supply, resulting in little flow to the coast in recent years. In response to these dynamics, a new channel was cut near the tip of the delta in 1996. Photographs collected by astronauts over the years provide a time series that demonstrate both the scale and specific locations of coastal change. Documentation of current delta changes—including coastal development along the Yellow River several other rapidly changing coastlines— continues from the International Space Station."

    I am sure you would not wish to persist with a report which has so many flaws, as it is easily shown to be embarassingly wrong in its efforts to promote anthropogenic global warming. As the footage is on the web site, it is easily dissected."

    I await a response, but am not holding my breath!


    Dennis Ambler

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    Musto laugh

    musto%20shooting.jpg Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Musto, who manufacture a decent sort of outdoor clobber have fallen for the Daniella Westbrook Burberry moment. Four lovely models on a hillside dressed top to toe in nearly identical outfits - if that doesn't make you think "tossers" then you are a city banker who pays too much for your shooting. The only identically dressed people on a shoot are the staff, not soft-skinned smooth-shaven boy-band men pretending to be guests. On the rare and horrible occasion when a new jacket has to be bought it is traditionally put in the Labrador basket for a week to prevent you turning up like a new boy at school in a shiny uniform.
    And anyone who pretends to go stalking without tieing their laces, maybe mummy wasn't there for him, is liable to be face first in a bog before long.

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    Failure, Failure, Failure

    Burning our money: Spending Without Result
    Education, education, education.

    And as everyone should have understood, that was going to cost money, money, money.

    Since Labour came to power, spending on Britain's state schools has more than doubled. Last year they spent £44.7bn, up from £22.2bn in 1996-97 (see here and prior PESAs). Even adjusting for general inflation, the increase is over 60%, a massive uplift.

    Fair enough you say. That's what the voters wanted.

    But spending money is easy. What we haven't had is the results.

    Let's just recap the latest revelations:

    Once again- as if we needed any further proof- the dirigiste techniques of Stalinist central planning and tractor output targets have simply failed to deliver.....

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    Schoolboy Politics

    Gordon Brown's Tory appeal ignites poll fever - Telegraph
    Gordon Brown today heightens election fever with a direct pledge to Conservative Party supporters that he intends to be a prime minister who includes them in his government and acts on their behalf.
    Gordon, hitting his stride, added:
    "We should, and must, have a strong and reliable government to promote our interests in Europe and the World. In Britain, too, we must have a less casual government that must take drastic measures in solving our unemployment, economic, transport and local government problems. Not long ago we were looked upon as a strong country; now our only hope of survival in an age dominated by nuclear power is to link up with our stronger western allies. So you can see our status today leaves much to be desired. I conclude, we can and indeed must have a more dynamic government."

    That second quote was from Gordon Brown aged 12 in 1963 - but his desire for a less casual government is well documented today and as for his linking up with our western allies, the traitorous sell out to Europe says it all. He is still the same little pompous prick he was as a precocious Kirkcaldy schoolboy with the same tired old socialist thoughts. It may fool the odd cod botherer (or maybe not), but it doesn't fool me, or I hope you.

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    We don't plough the fields and scatter the good seed...

    How dairy herds yield the milk of human blindness | Melanie Reid - Times Online
    Why did no one see this coming? We spend billions keeping Trident as a domestic insurance policy against global war, but we do nothing to protect a primary food source against the risk of global shortage. When that shortage comes, we will be defenceless. The farms are gone, sold largely to the monied classes as places to play at being squire. In 1995, the UK was 87 per cent self-sufficient in products that could be grown here. Now the figure is heading fast towards 60 per cent.
    Scotsman.com News - Scotland - Q) Which costs more, a litre of petrol or milk? Clue: Food prices are rocketing

    James Withers, deputy chief executive of the National Farmers' Union, said:

    "Farm-gate prices need to rise, or we will see the same shortage for milk on beef, lamb and pork. We have a concern that the shelf price will be hiked without a share coming to farmers. There is enough money in the shelf price for farmers to be paid a fair price."

    He added: "We will lose our processing infrastructure. Supply and demand doesn't work in food as it does in other industries. It is not a tap you can turn on or off. It takes generations to build up pedigrees in animals. If we lose them, supermarkets won't be able to turn the tap back on.

    "It is a crisis. We are facing potential meltdown in the pigs and poultry sector. This is going to have a knock-on effect for the lamb and beef sectors,

    I suppose you are going to want me to break out the plough from the back of the shed and actually start growing some food again aren't you?
    Scrapping set-aside 'threatens farmland birds' - Telegraph
    The recovery of England's farmland birds could be reversed if the Government scraps its set-aside scheme, Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, was warned by his advisers yesterday.

    Natural England fears that there will be "major environmental impacts" if set-aside is reduced from eight per cent of all cropped land to zero, as European agriculture ministers intend this autumn because of a succession of poor harvests and rising demand for grain.

    Phew, saved - I can leave the land fallow, it's for the birds (tm)...

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    The Green Con - the public aren't fooled.

    Scotsman.com News - UK - Vanishing lakes prove impact of man
    A GENERATION ago it was a vast deep blue sea teeming with life. Now the Aral Sea is sick and green and a fraction of the size it once was.

    What was once a living mass of water brimming with fish providing a living for the thriving fishing villages on its shores is now, 40 years later, a slimy dark green mess suffocated by pollution and vast swathes of salt mountains.

    These images, from the latest edition of one of the world's most authoritative atlases, show the stark changes global warming and mankind have wrought on the face of the planet.....

    Mick Ashworth, editor in chief of the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World, said: "We can literally see environmental disasters unfolding before our eyes. We have a real fear that in the near future famous geographical features will disappear forever.

    "Of the main changes we've been noticing over the last few years, the most evident is the Aral Sea which has shrunk 75 per cent in the last 40 years....

    And as I have pointed out before, this is old news, nothing to do with global warming and being partially reversed. Over a year ago this story appeared:

    As a Sea Rises, So Do Hopes for Fish, Jobs and Riches - New York Times

    The Aral Sea, which was once drained of 75 percent of its water, has this year taken on millions of cubic feet of new water years ahead of schedule, surpassing even the sunniest predictions made when a new dam was completed last summer.

    With each month the water pushes back the desert just a little more.

    UPDATE: Numberwatch provides a link to a more up to date report:

    The picture they are touting this story with was taken in 2004. No wonder that:

    • NEARLY two-thirds of the public believe ministers are using environmental fears as an excuse to raise tax revenue, according to a new poll.

    Research suggests the cynicism is justified - with green taxes bringing in £10 billion more for the Treasury than it would cost to offset the entire UK's carbon footprint.

    The figures are contained in a dossier compiled by pressure group the TaxPayers' Alliance (TPA).

    A YouGov survey for the TPA found only a fifth of people thought politicians were genuinely trying to change behaviours using the tax system, while 63 per cent believed they were using the issue as an excuse to pull in more cash.

    Nearly four-fifths voiced opposition to the government's so-called "pay-as-you-throw" schemes to encourage recycling.

    Some 60 per cent said fuel duty was an unfair tax, while 45 per cent thought the same about air-passenger duty - which was recently doubled by the government. Opinion was evenly split over whether people approved, in principle, of extra "green" charges on motoring and air travel - with 46 per cent saying they did not and 45 per cent saying they did.

    Using previous international climate-change research, the report estimated that covering the social cost of carbon emissions would have cost £11.7 billion in 2005. But receipts from "green" taxes such as fuel duty, road tax and the Climate Change Levy totalled £21.9 billion. On average, every UK household paid £400 more in levies than it cost to cover their own footprint, the TPA said

    Matthew Elliott, TPA chief executive, said:

    "Politicians have been using green taxes as a revenue-raising measure and are trying to win support for new ones by exploiting concern about climate change. We need more honesty about the costs of extra green taxes when British taxpayers already pay some of the world's highest pollution charges."

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    September 2, 2007

    102nd use of Duct Tape

    Bandaging a poorly paw....for other medicinal uses see here.

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    The Revenue are after me again

    Welcome to the Kafkaesque world of the Companies House WebFiling system .

    Over the last three years I have been almost weekly threatened with prosecution, penalties, bailiffs on the door-step by Her Majesty's finest revenue officers. Despite having the original Moonraker's pond in my garden I don't try to outwit the Revenue. I don't owe them any real money quite legally so I fill in the forms and sit back.

    I have finally discovered the flaw in the system, I think. I file my returns electronically, which are verified by a secret squirrel code rather than a facsimile signature, they print them out, they then notice the lack of a signature on the printed forms, they send them to me, I sign them and send them back. They then threaten prosecution as they haven't a valid return and they can't accept posted forms as they already have electronic versions, which lack a signature......

    After three years of this my accountant grows fat on the fees he charges to try and sort it and I continue to fear the knock on the door.

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    No News

    politicalbetting.com サ Blog Archive サ Sunday papers round-up

    There are no major stories today

    h/t Adam Smith

    So I thought you would appreciate some old news...

    War Speech - The Churchill Centre

    September 3, 1939
    Outside, the storms of war may blow and the lands may be lashed with the fury of its gales, but in our own hearts this Sunday morning there is peace. Our hands may be active, but our consciences are at rest....

    The Scotsman Archive - Item from 4th September 1939 - Outbreak of war reported in the House of Commons

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    September 1, 2007

    How do you like your Martini?

    Kim du Toit is pondering over what to do with his Martini.

    Here's the perfect Saturday afternoon film to demonstrate some lovely Martini action.

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    More Gratuitous Nigella

    The N factor - Times Online
    .....Lawson has a dazzling range of conversational tone, flicking from imperious to sisterly, candid to bossily maternal: “Would you,” she asks as I prepare to leave, “like another wee-wee before you go?” She has a lively and acute, teasing yet unconfrontational intelligence: the mind most men would think perfect in a wife. Her lascivious, spoon-sucking TV persona, lambasted in America as gastro-porn, seems not so much an act as a slight camping up of her animated, playful self. She squirms when I mention the finger-licking, says she never watches herself on TV, that her sex symbol status is over-wrought: “What is appealing to men is that mixture of love and mother, someone who will cook and care for you.”

    Although, in truth, most men are looking past her cupcakes down her cleavage. And unlike other women celebrities known for their voluptuous curves, who turn out in person to be just large breasts on stick torsos, Nigella is, as advertised, a properly big girl. This is a body born in the wrong age. Her bosom (reportedly 32G) and full bottom synched by a delicate waist, is made for basques, bustles and bodices. Although Nigella would loathe the formality and restraint since she bins, on principle, all black-tie invitations and doesn’t even wear knickers. Really, never? “I don’t need to because I always wear a long skirt,” she says, adjusting her black jersey Wallis ankle-length frock....

    Cold shower time....

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    Why those in the know no longer read Iain Dale

    Iain Dale has done his usual interesting monthly round up of his stats, all good stuff. I know from my own experience that essential daily reads like Iain's site get fewer visits from people like me. I read his site mainly through an RSS reader, as I know a lot of you do for this site. And I think it is the sites that appeal to the more web savvy and regular readers that suffer most from non-visiting readers if you want to count your visitors assiduously.
    In fact the only way I know to ensure RSS readers actually click onto the site is to include some gratuitous Nigella for them....

    nigella.jpg Nigella1.jpg

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    Wendy Alexander asks me to shut up.

    Stop whingeing about Scots cash, Labour leader tells the English - Times Online
    The leader-elect of Labour in Scotland has told people in England to stop complaining that they would be better off financially without the Scots.

    Wendy Alexander said that the claim could just as easily be made about other parts of the United Kingdom, resulting in London unilaterally declaring independence from other regions of England such as the North East and Merseyside.

    Ms Alexander, who takes over formally as Labour leader north of the Border on September 14, said in an interview with The Times that such criticism missed the point of the 300-year-old Union between the two countries. Contrary to the widespread impression in England, Scotland did not get preferential treatment from the Treasury, she said.

    Figures from the Scottish Executive show that the Government spends £1,236 more on every person in Scotland than it does in England. But Ms Alexander said: “It does not come down to numbers.....people in England should put aside these differences in policy between the two countries and look to the bigger picture of two countries “sharing risk, revenue and resources”.

    I love that sort of sharing, no risk, no resources but give me the money!

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