Blame the Kiwi Fruit

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Organic food 'can add to allergies' | Uk News | News | Telegraph

Parental trust in organic food could be a reason more children are suffering from allergies, an academic has suggested.

Jonathan O'B Hourihane, a professor of paediatrics, told peers yesterday that nearly half the population is now prone to allergies. But while many follow the accepted advice to eat a varied and fresh diet, it is the sheer variety of fresh foods now available that may be to blame for the prevalence of allergies.

"The impression that organic or exotic fresh food is better for children may by linked to the appearance of allergies to foods that would have appeared bizarre to previous generations," Prof O'B Hourihane said.

I don't know what evidence he has but he seems to be a specialist in the area, an interesting idea and one new to me.

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I wonder. I would have imagined that people today still eat less variety then they did 100 years ago or so. The amount of game and wild foods in peoples diet has shrunk, a few exotic fruits isnt going to make any difference.

I've always thought that the number of peanut alergies could be caused by the creams available to nursing mothers to rub on their nipples to prevent rash and soreness. They tend to be full of peanut oil (or at least were). To a baby still developing its immune system it could have an effect.

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